How Technology Changed the Lives of Businessmen

Long time ago, businessmen would literally trade their products to gain loyal customers. It took them a lot of time to utilize marketing strategies like advertisement and promotions. One of the veterans in one of the businesses in town even shared that way back in time, the only strategy that they have is to give a free item whenever a customer will buy in bulk.


As time pass by, businessmen learn to give discount coupons and loyalty cards as well as gift certificates and similar items. These marketing strategies evolved so much with the help of technology.

If before, they would rely on printed leaflets and flyers to announce openings and other special events in their companies, these days they are already utilizing the social media. Some companies have their online portals or websites wherein customers can place their orders online and can even avail free delivery.

Social networking sites became their source of market and have become their means to make their business popular.

Inventory and monitoring of businesses these days can never be tiring tasks anymore because it is already being run by technology. With a few clicks of the button, the owner will have an overview of the entire operation of the business and can have access to whatever area he wants to check. That’s how technology changed the life of businessmen.

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Social Media and Its Role in Businesses

In this era wherein everyone are all eyes in the internet checking their social networking sites, convincing them to buy your products or avail your services would be a great challenge. Furthermore, these people also own smartphones that again allows them to check their social networking accounts wherever they may be.

Social Media and its Role in Businesses

This is reality and there is no other way to keep up with the market but to be with the market. This is the basic principle being applied when businesses started to make use of the social media to make some noise and be noticed. Thanks to Facebook pages and Twitter’s hashtags because reaching the clients as well as possible clients has been never been easier. Promotions, updates, upcoming events and even new services are sent out to all their avid clients with just a few clicks and even receive feedback right then and there.

Social media happened to group people with common interest thus making it easier for business to get to meet their specific market. It allowed them to quantity the demands against their capability to satisfy such need. It also helped out the business sector strengthen their bonds with their clients because of its interactive features.

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Email-Social Media Integration

Social media have become an integral part of this modern world. People found sites to share everything they want, photos videos and even their status updates. Social media are responsible in connecting people and keeping in touch with long lost friends, classmates and relatives and also a very good medium in marketing products and services. Now that social media networks are highly popular, social media marketing continue to grow as well.
I, myself is a member of different social media networks and I can say that I am one of those who are benefiting from it. The only problem is, checking these networks one by one is very time consuming. Thanks to Flowtown! I can now integrate my Yahoo! mail with these social media networks and I can view the profile of my contact’s social network participation, dermographics, pictures and influence. 
Flowtown is like another social media company but with a lot more features that other social media companies do not have like the email marketing services. It is a brilliant way to find  who your contact really is  on social media through his email address. How is it possible? Flowtown lets you import an email list, then they cross-reference those data with public social profiles. 
This Flowtown’s email marketing solution is a big help to marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs in exploding their profit margins. With its effective communication, you can transform your contacts into engaged customers and build a strong relationship with them. So if you are a marketer, you will surely get it right if you have Flowtown in your tool box.
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