Pampered Feet

I had a great time yesterday or should it be my feet had their great time yesterday? My feet are the most battered part of me (second to my hands) yet they get the least attention. Yesterday, I had them pampered. If only they could talk they would probably thank me.

I visited my favorite salon yesterday, had foot spa and pedicure. It is the biggest salon near our place with good ambiance and great service. They are offering different services including foot and hand spa, foot and hand paraffin treatment and body massage.

However, I was too engrossed on blogging that I tend to neglect and not treat myself on spas often. How I wish I have my own spa at home, complete with hot tub, spa cover and all, so I can soak any time. Truly one of the best ways to relieve stress is to plunge on a hot tub. It can provide therapeutic benefits and can ease the transition in deeper sleep. And for a blogger like me who are awake most of the time, a hot tub can help in recuperating.

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A Relaxing Treat at the Salon

We provided ourselves with some gratification for all our hard work last weekend. We indulged ourselves on a pampering treat. RJ had hot oil and hair cut, hubby had foot spa and arm massage and I had foot spa, massage and pedicure. It was a relaxing family treat.

With our busy lives, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. The daily work rush and a very hectic work schedule especially this holiday season takes its risk on our health and well-being. We should recharge our batteries by taking time and space to recharge. If you want to look and feel your best, escape into a luxurious moment once in a while.

Treat yourself to a spa or salon. At hair salon Chalfont, you’ll discover limitless ways to define your personal style and beauty. If you are burnt out and want to change your look a little bit, hair salon Chalfont color can help you, have your hair cut and colored for a new you and feel good about yourself.

Tony D’s full service salon Chalfont offers a total body concept both for men and women. They can help you look and feel good which is important for our well-being and self-esteem. Treating ourselves to a salon are sometimes seen as luxury, but in fact, taking a break for a salon experience is also an effective way to manage stress. It is a part of regular relaxation which is good for both physical and emotional health.


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