Prevent Riot and Stampede

I haven’t attended a movie premiere night or any big event in my entire life. I am afraid of crowded places much more when the Wowowee Stampede (also referred to as PhilSports Stadium stampede) happened last February 4, 2006. It injured 400 people and killed 78. It’s sad that the first anniversary celebration of the said show turned into tragedy just because of the crowd control problem. The organizers did not anticipate that the crowd would be significantly larger than the usual.

In big events, proper barricades are important to prevent the outbreak of disorder and to prevent possible riot and stampede. It would keep the people to where they should be. The organizers should plan in advance, expect the unexpected, and invest on fence barricades or stanchions so as not to compromise the people’s security. Guided announcements are must too to help the participants and avoid any chaos. It is also important that there are sufficient securities assigned to pacify and help the people to be calm. It would not just keep the people away from harm but it would help for the event to run smoothly and end up peacefully as well. The same things apply on formal or red carpet events. The only difference is velvet ropes are used instead of fence barricades.

The success of the event lies on the hands of the organizers and remember that proper crowd management is a big factor in the success of any event.

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