Sheet Metal and Services is the online website of a company that sells sheet metal Los Angeles. It also sells sheet metal in other areas of Southern California and Arizona. Some of the major areas that have the opportunity to visit the Industrial Metal Supply Company, besides Los Angeles, are San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Phoenix.

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Since 1948, the company has been selling metal and services related to the metal industry. It has expanded and grown over the years, and it is now the place where most customers go to purchase aluminum, steel and sheet metal products. They also shop at Industrial Metal Supply because they are customer-friendly and they offer a large amount of service and helpful information. In its early days Industrial Metal Supply was a small family business. Norman and Sally Sherman had the idea to open a scrap and surplus business. They worked diligently, and they used the family car for deliveries in those early days.

As time went on, the business blossomed, and they had to open a second location because they had to service their growing number of happy customers. The growth continued, and other family members got involved as the company expanded to even more new locations. More and more retail and warehouse space–and a great deal of inventory–matched the consumer demand. Today’s locations are chock full of metals in various alloys. The metals are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Tools and supplies are also available at all of the locations.

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