Freebies are Real

I love freebies! Who doesn’t? These days wherein cash is a little bit tight everybody is looking forward in getting product samples. But are these freebies for real? Yes, they are. I often get free samples in sachets and free stuffs. Just 2 weeks ago when we had our grocery, we got eco bag, a  pouch, fan and drink shaker all free from one product plus my daughter got free check-up and assessment from the nutritionist of this milk product. What I gave them in return is my full name, contact number, address and email address plus I took a quiz about their products.

Let us face it, you might get something for free but you are not getting something for nothing. The reality is these companies are interested in getting your details, names, contact number, email address, etc., so they can promote their products to you once in a while and market to you in the future. They are also giving free product samples in sachets for they are hoping you might buy the full size.

However, you need to be careful because there are free stuffs that has somewhat of a price attach to it.  Some freebies require postage and most of the time you are the one who will pay for that. There are also free services that require minimal fee for some good reasons and free offers that have indefinable costs. If this is the case, they are not free at all. You should also be smart in freebie hunting for you are divulging some of your personal information. You might likely receive spam mails or get scammed and receive follow up offers.

Internet is the best way to find freebies. There are sites that provide links to free stuff online in various categories including baby products, student freebies, clothing, books, coupons, etc. There are ‘grab it while you can’ products but there are also a lot of permanently accessible freebies. They also have weekly newsletters that will keep you updated on free stuffs.

Freebie hunting may require a lot of effort but it is fun. There maybe spammers but most of the time freebies are real.

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