Family’s Favorite Summer Activity

Summer means a very long vacation from school. This also means plenty of time for the family to bond. Of course there are lots of summer activity to do but swimming is on top of our list. During this season when the temperature usually soar, we love being in water. It is the best way to cool down and bond with the whole clan while going out under the sun. We do not have pool or big backyard for the inflatable ones so we go to a resort or beach. Quite pricey summer activity for a big family like ours but it is all worth it.

people on the beach

There are also other exciting and fun activities while on the beach other than dipping in the water. We also play beach volleyball, rugby, etc.

playing football
playing beach volleyball
playing soccer

We had lots and lots of fun this summer. Now that that the summer will be nearly over, I feel little sad because kids will go back to school, everyone will be busy again with their jobs, and I will be back to my daily routine. We have to wait for another year round before the whole clan can go swimming again. I will surely miss everyone.

family at the beach

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Memorable Firsts

Summer means fun, fun, fun! There are endless lists of activities that keep us moving all summer long but swimming is on top of our list. Each summer seems different and memorable from all others but still there are the most memorable ones. Just like the two unforgettable summers we had. So what make these two summers more memorable than the other?

Who would forget our first out of town vacation as sweethearts? It was on summer 1998 at La Union. I am still reminiscing that first vacation we had more than a decade now. We were like Romeo and Juliet then.

La Union
Shoulder Ride

And of course, the first summer we had with RJ. Because it was her first time on a pool, she was so amazed. Maybe she was wondering why it is a hundred times bigger than her bathtub. She was enjoying the water so much that neither of us could get her attention. We were making her laugh, offered her milk, etc. but still she was ignoring us.

Swimming Pool
Guess what? These succeeding 3 weekends, we’ll be off again to plunge.

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Summer’s Best Family Activity

It is summer once again. It is the whole family’s most awaited season. Who wouldn’t love summer? It is the best season to spend with our family, the season for vacation trips, outings, camping and swimming.

Swimming is one activity that our dear RJ enjoys the most. She loves water play and she can swim from morning ’til night just like a mermaid. I remember when she was still a baby, she was crying hard whenever we took her out of her tub. She just loves the splashes, the sprinkles and the bubbles. Now that she is eight years old, I can say that she is a good swimmer even though she does not have any formal swimming lessons, as if our swimming every summer and her plunging on her mini pool once in a while became her learning steps.

I cannot blame RJ if sometimes she loves water more than she loves me because I know how swimming can make us feel good. It is refreshingly good! Swimming is the best way to keep cool and the best family activity during the hottest days of summer. It is also a great way to stay fit; a great cardio exercise, calorie burner and endurance builder.

So what are you waiting for? Surf the net now for the best beaches and resorts where you can spend your summer this year. Just do not forget to bring your sun block with you to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. Stay shaded too while you are not in the water.

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Vacation in Brighton

Summer has just started in other parts of the world. This not only means enjoying the heat of the sun and walking on fine white sand, but also more time with your family, bonding time with the kids and of course vacation. Hooray!

When planning for a vacation, one of your biggest concerns is finding the best cities to have your vacation. There are many cities that are considered best tourist spots but only few have proven to be the best. So it is better to do your research in advance for the country, city, and hotel. If you are tired of the tropical settings and/or mountain cliffs, then you may try a vacation in Brighton. Brighton is a charming city and famous seaside resort on the south coast of England, in the county of East Sussex on the south coast of Great Britain. You can book in advance on luxury Boutique hotels in Brighton for a hassle free vacation.

Visiting Brighton is like visiting many places for it has Indo-Saracenic buildings like the Royal Pavilion – a former royal palace, museums, old churches, arts, theater, festivals and of course beaches with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Vacation in Brighton is an all-in-one vacation experience.

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