In Love With Terrified

Is it possible to fall in love at the same time? Yes, I am falling in love again but this time it is with a song. I do not know if it is the song itself that I like or if it is because of Zachary Levi. I never knew Zachary could sing and now that I know, he is driving me crazy even more. I told hubby that if Zachary courts me (in my dreams ehehe) I would divorce him. As if we have divorce here. lol! Seriously, this song is what I listen to over and over every morning and afternoon.

Just watch this video so you would understand why this song is driving me gaga.

Terrified by Katharine McPhee and Zachary Levi.

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Tangled with “Terrified”

Have you heard the song Terrified? I did not know that Zachary could sing until I heard the song, fell in love with it and searched for it in You Tube and was surprised to find out that it was sung by Zachary Levi together with Katharine McPhee. As a huge fan of Zachary, watching and hearing him sing Terrified weakened my knees. The song is beautiful and with Zachary, it is just perfect. This man is so talented and does everything perfectly.

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