Guarantees, Warranties and Refunds

Everything that the consumers buy comes with a price and everyone deserves to have it functional and free of any defect or damages. As a consumer, you need to be aware of your rights when it comes to guarantees, warranties and refunds.

guarantees, warranties and refunds

If in any case you were able to see the sign “No Return, No Exchange” in a certain store, don’t be blinded and be aware that this is illegal.

Before buying anything, make sure to ask for the store’s policy on return and exchange. You have all the right to try their products and it is not a requirement to buy it after seeing that it works fine. Some stores will just allow testing if you promise to buy it and it should not be the case.

You need to take note of the following instances wherein you have all the rights to have your money back, a repair or an exchange.

1. What you ordered didn’t match the item that was delivered. Ex. You ordered a 21 inch LED TV but they delivered 14 inches.

2. The item didn’t live up to its purpose. Ex. You bought a diver’s watch but after your dive the watch was filled with water.

3. You were unaware of the fault when you purchased it. Ex. You bought a brand new fan but after a month, the motor stopped functioning and you later found out that it wasn’t brand new.

Contrary to the above situations, the following instances don’t make you eligible for claims:

1. You realized you don’t want the item anymore.

2. You discovered that some other stores are selling it for a cheaper price.

3. You found out that you can’t afford it.

4. You caused the damage of the item.

Take note of the following instances and make yourself aware. You’re the customer and you have all the right to obtain the best quality of product that you’re about to buy.

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Surviving Unemployment

Nobody likes to be unemployed and the longer you’re out of work the harder it can be to deal with things. It isn’t just the lack of money coming in that is worrisome (though that is a real issue for many). It is also the loss of the sense of purpose. Here are some of the things you can try if you need some help surviving unemployment.

Create a Routine

The first couple of weeks that you are unemployed can feel like a vacation. You can get up whenever you want and do whatever you want all day! Before long, though, you are going to feel at loose ends and this is where a routine becomes important. At the very least, keep yourself trained to get up at a certain time every day, to eat lunch at the same time every day, etc. You can also add in household chores, volunteering gigs, specific hours for job hunting, etc. The routine helps you feel like you have a sense of direction which can go a long way toward keeping yourself sane.


Pick one or two causes and volunteer for them. Serve soup at a soup kitchen. Shelve books at the library. Work in an animal shelter. In addition to getting you out of the house a few times a week, volunteering looks fantastic on a resume, which makes you more attractive to an employer. Community service is more important than it has ever been before. What’s more, you never know who you are going to meet while you’re volunteering. The person cleaning cages with you might be your next job reference.

Figure Out Your Finances

If you have been unemployed for a while, you are probably having some money problems. If there isn’t any employment on the horizon, there’s nothing wrong with taking out a small loan, like those offered by mogo money, to keep your bases covered. A small loan can be used to help cover a housing payment, some utilities, or put some extra food on your table (particularly if you are too proud to explore the SNAP programor your unemployment keeps you from qualifying for much of a benefit).

The most important thing that you can do if you need help staying sane while you are unemployed is to keep yourself moving with momentum. Things like volunteering, sticking to a budget, and a daily routine are all things that will keep you active. Staying active is the key to staying sane while you are looking for work.


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How to Distinguish Between a Secure and a Non-Secure Website

One of the most painful lessons, for anyone surfing the internet, can be when an individual is unaware if a website is secure or not. When that individual still proceeds to make a purchase through a website that is not secure the results can be devastating. Purchasing from secure websites is extremely important.

A website that is secure will use the https:// prefix. The ‘s’ is only a minor addition to the normal prefix for a webpage, of ‘http’, but the ‘s’ is very important in this instance as it stands for secure. There should also be a security lock symbol visible before the https:// prefix.

If you see even a website that has a good reputation, and it’s a site you want to purchase something from, still check if the https:// prefix is present. If it’s not then you are taking risks that you shouldn’t be taking. Even if friends have ordered items from the same site, by using their credit card or an online bank account, that doesn’t mean that you are going to be as fortunate, and make a purchase without consequences.

A site that sells items and doesn’t use https:// can be a totally reputable website, but it is just slack when it comes to things such as security. It certainly won’t welcome its site’s security being easily breached. Any website that sells products online, but has suffered instances where customer’s information has been stolen, will quickly gain a dreadful reputation.

When visiting sites that use https://, you will sometimes see the web address on your browser in green. That is just an additional example of a website telling you: “We’re safe.” Though still check for https:// at the beginning of the relevant address.

One of the ways an internet user may be tricked into entering a non-secure site is through phishing. Any email that claims to have been sent from your bank can be easily checked if it is legitimate or not. Rolling a mouse over the links in the email will determine whether the links lead to your bank’s website and not some website you’ve never heard of. Many types of phishing emails are poorly written, and contain spelling errors, but some can look disturbingly authentic – until you check the links.

Though the signs of whether a website has a valid security certificate are easy to spot, through the https:// prefix and the security lock symbol, your browser will advise you on the secure nature of some websites. It may warn you if you are about to enter a site that it deems to be insecure. This can sometimes be a case that the browser is being over cautious, but it’s best to take notice of that caution.

A site with a valid security certificate regards your security as paramount. These sites will make sure that your details are encrypted, and consequently you have the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure.

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Easier and Safer Moving

Moving to a new place is very common nowadays, either moving to a new house because of a new job to a different place or moving to a better home. It is fun and exciting but can be stressful too most especially if your new place is not as large as the old one you have. Most probably there are things that you can’t tag along with you but you can’t get rid of either because you are afraid that you might need them in the future. For that matter, you would wish to have a self storage wherein you can keep your things as long as you want yet can get them anytime they are needed.

self storage

This is just one of the ups and downs of moving out. However, there are lots of ways that can help make your moving out easier and safer. Below are just a few of them.

During your packing stage, make sure to label and number all your boxes so that inventory would be easier to manage. Most of the transfer services companies require a post transfer inventories but if it is not part of their deal, do not hesitate to insist of having one. Remember that you deserve quality and accurate service. After all, you are paying them accordingly. To avoid accidents, make sure to give instructions as clear as possible. You own the things that they are carrying so most probably you know how to handle and where to place them.

Avail services only from a reputable company; those transfer services that are being referred by your friends or someone reliable in your neighborhood as much as possible. Better yet, do some research beforehand and gather some positive feedback from their previous clients. See to it that their vehicles are equipped with safety gadgets that won’t destroy your fragile things. To ensure a safe transfer, you should accompany the vehicle or vehicles being used to carry your things.

Moving out is one of the most tiring activities and the existence of these transfer service companies is basically to lessen the burden. Make sure that they won’t add any amount of this burden to yourself.

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Music Inside the Office

music inside the office

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When you’re a typical office worker who has been facing the computer the entire day and doing all sorts of paper works, you might as well need a stress reliever. It is something that can’t be distracting. One perfect example is playing background music in your workplace. There are offices that allow this as long as the kind of music being played is not too loud.There are also a lot of things to consider when doing it because you might be disturbing a co-worker who can’t concentrate when music is being played. If you really want to listen to you favorite songs, you can at least utilize your earphones and keep the music to yourself. Just make sure you’re not doing it when talking to a client or your boss because it is totally rude. If it’s totally not allowed, you can at least check the internet and key in for music stores in the search bar during your break time and just fill yourself with music related information.

In some workplaces, the management even placed a centralized speaker that plays music inside the office while everyone else is working just to promote relaxation. It would somehow give them diversion from the typical sound of the keyboard or clanking of the machineries.

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