Cars for Girls and Dolls for Boys

What?! A toy car for our girl’s 9th birthday? You read it right. It will be RJ’s birthday in two weeks time and she is asking for a remote controlled car. While our kids are growing up too fast, it seems like their wants and interests change too. From doll house and Barbie, now RJ wants remote controlled car for her birthday gift. RJ knows exactly which toys are for girls and which toys are for boys that is why I was surprised a bit that she asked for a toy car this time. It started when she saw her cousin’s remote controlled cars and airplane. At first I do not want the idea of her having a toy car but I remember my sister and I once played with cars too when we were kids but still we grew up very lady-like. My brothers played with dolls too (with me and my sister) but grew up so manly. So now, this spoiler Mom is looking for cheap rc cars for RJ.

Don’t be afraid to let your kids play with toys designed for the opposite gender. It isn’t going to hurt our kids but most likely help them. These toys will open a new world for them and could help to further stretch their minds and imagination. Cars for girls and dolls for boys? Why not? As long as long as there is balance then you have nothing to worry about.

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RJs Pink Pet

You might be wondering what kind of pet is pink in color. Yes, it is pink, it lives in water, it is lifeless yet it is growing. It is neither a pig nor a fish. It is called colored growing.

It is a toy actually, a pink fly impostor, but RJ said it is her pet. She changes the water everyday and checks it regularly. It was as small as the one on the right when RJ bought it.

After 72 hours it expanded because it soaked up all the liquid. According to the package, it will expand up to 600% and if you’ll remove it from water, it will shrink to its original size. Having one will definitely give the kids that fun and amazing experience. But the question is…is it safe for the kids?

The colored growing toys are from China. It can be dinosaur, different animals or insects. They are made of hard spongy and expanding polymeric materials. It has no lead so it may be safe for the big kids but not for the small ones. Colored growing toys pose a risk of choking because after 72 hours in water the toys expand in different dimensions. The small parts maybe detached from the toy as well as the rest of it. They fit into small cylinders but may expand more than 50%. As per Europe’s consumer affairs, the products do not comply with the Toys Directive and the relevant European standard EN 71 so it is banned in most European countries.

There was a warning on the package though that it is choking hazard and it has small parts so it is not for children under 3 years old. But still we should guide and look after our children while playing with these toys. As parents, we must use our own judgment in choosing which toys are safe for our kids. It is also our responsibility to choose the activities that are fun yet safe for them. RJ is already eight years old and already knows what to do with her toys so I do not think I should worry much about these colored growing toys.

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Toys for Christmas

When I asked RJ what she wants for Christmas, she promptly said Ken, Barbie’s friend. Toy again?! She is big girl now but still she is so amazed with toys. Well, I cannot blame her because toys are so much fun and as I look at the marvels of the world today, I can say that children are very lucky with all those gadgets to kill their boredom and amazing toys to play with.

Now I know what to give my god children on Christmas, toys, toys and toys. So what are the 2010 Christmas toys? For sure there are news toys out in the market again but what I want are those with fantastic and superb features that will capture the child’s wild imagination. Educational toys are top of my list too. I think I really need to do my shopping this weekend or else I would be on a Christmas rush.

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