Surviving Unemployment

Nobody likes to be unemployed and the longer you’re out of work the harder it can be to deal with things. It isn’t just the lack of money coming in that is worrisome (though that is a real issue for many). It is also the loss of the sense of purpose. Here are some of the things you can try if you need some help surviving unemployment.

Create a Routine

The first couple of weeks that you are unemployed can feel like a vacation. You can get up whenever you want and do whatever you want all day! Before long, though, you are going to feel at loose ends and this is where a routine becomes important. At the very least, keep yourself trained to get up at a certain time every day, to eat lunch at the same time every day, etc. You can also add in household chores, volunteering gigs, specific hours for job hunting, etc. The routine helps you feel like you have a sense of direction which can go a long way toward keeping yourself sane.


Pick one or two causes and volunteer for them. Serve soup at a soup kitchen. Shelve books at the library. Work in an animal shelter. In addition to getting you out of the house a few times a week, volunteering looks fantastic on a resume, which makes you more attractive to an employer. Community service is more important than it has ever been before. What’s more, you never know who you are going to meet while you’re volunteering. The person cleaning cages with you might be your next job reference.

Figure Out Your Finances

If you have been unemployed for a while, you are probably having some money problems. If there isn’t any employment on the horizon, there’s nothing wrong with taking out a small loan, like those offered by mogo money, to keep your bases covered. A small loan can be used to help cover a housing payment, some utilities, or put some extra food on your table (particularly if you are too proud to explore the SNAP programor your unemployment keeps you from qualifying for much of a benefit).

The most important thing that you can do if you need help staying sane while you are unemployed is to keep yourself moving with momentum. Things like volunteering, sticking to a budget, and a daily routine are all things that will keep you active. Staying active is the key to staying sane while you are looking for work.


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Hats Off to Hardworking Filipino Workers

I don’t know how long he stayed under the scorching heat of the sun to sweep and keep the sand out of the road. I am wondering how much he is earning per hour. I just hope he is not one of the underpaid Filipino workers.

Filipino workers

Scenarios like this help me to appreciate more my part time job. I can work in the comfort of my home at my preferred time. I don’t need to inhale all the dust and be burnt under the fiery heat. On the other hand, this man is still lucky for having his job as there are many jobless Filipinos. I admire his fortitude and diligence.

According to statistics, the total number of unemployed Filipino workers as of 2011 is 2.9 million. Most of them are newly graduates that are being added to the labor force each year. Some of them are those who still believe on the traditional jobs; that the graduates of nursing should work as nurses, graduates of engineering should be engineers, and so on and so forth. They don’t realize that the country has over supply of labor force on popular careers like nursing. I can’t blame the licensed professionals who prefer to work non-traditionally; call center agents, sales agents, product dealers, etc. It is better to work non-traditionally yet earn as much or maybe more than to be jobless.

Hats off to all hardworking Filipino workers!

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Look at the Bright Side

What to do when looking for a job is the favorite topic of different TV shows these past days. I was wondering why when I suddenly remembered that it is already March, the graduates’ most awaited month. I just hope that these graduating students could find job easily so as not to add in the numbers of unemployed in the country. Unemployment rate in the country is increasing and still counting. It is because there are many people who are capable to work yet unable to find work.

Years way back, even a highschool graduate can find decent job. Now, aside from the course that you have just finished, you need to have the special trainings or degree courses if you want a good job, management jobs especially. In short, you have to be well equipped and knowledgeable.

What?! Study again? Yes, it may sound disheartening to others. Who would want to study again after pouring himself with the notes, lectures and books, night and day for years? But if you will look at the bright side, enabling learning is also enabling your personal growth and development. By doing so, you do not need to watch those TV shows on what to do when looking for a job because you are skilled and knowledgeable enough.

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