Uses of Utility Knife

Ever think of buying a utility knife? Why would you if you have a dozen knives of different sizes at home? Maybe if you will be asked to list your most versatile tools, utility knife would be on the bottom of your list or maybe you wouldn’t even think to write it down.
Utility knives are not only used for cutting boxes and slicing tapes just how most of us uses it. Utility knife is a very useful tool that tackles dozens (or even more) of jobs. By reading the 12 uses of utility knife below, you will know what you are missing out.

1. Cut Vinyl Flooring

Because utility knife is handy, it can be the best tool to accurately cut your vinyl flooring to fit the room.

2. Trim Glass Film

Glass film is available in large sheets. You can use utility knife to cut and trim it to fit your window perfectly.

3. Slice Aluminum and Fiberglass Insulation

Utility knife easily slice through fiberglass and aluminium insulation.

4. Scratch Out Paint and Grout

Utility knife can scratch nicely the paint drips on floor and the hardened excess grout on tiles.

5. Cut Foam Board

Foam board is sometimes difficult to cut. It will chew up if you use dull blade so utility knife with breakaway blade is ideal to use on foam boards.

6. Slit Cable Insulation

Utility knife is what my father uses in stripping away the outer sheathing of cable wires.

7. Remove Silicone Caulk

After applying caulk remover, you can cut and remove it using a utility knife.

8. Cut Sheetrock (Drywall)

Because of the utility knife’s sharp blade, cutting sheetrock is as easy as cutting a sheet of paper.

9. Take Out Old Carpet

You can easily take out old carpeting by cutting it first into pieces…the size that you can easily carry by yourself.

10. Use as Guide on Wood and Veneer

You can use a utility knife as guide by making marks on wood and veneer before cutting it with saw.

Utility knife is very simple yet amazingly helpful. It is portable and an excellent take along tool.

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