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Vermont Cities You’ll Love Living In

Heading so far up North, you probably don’t mind the cold or snowy weather. If you happen to enjoy winter temperatures and the activities that come along with it, then you’re going to love Vermont. Not only is it one of the State’s most northern areas, but it also borders Quebec Canada. Let’s talk about some of the greatest cities to live in in Vermont.


North America is covered in beautiful mountain ranges and the views of the Adirondack Mountains from Burlington are breathtaking. Burlington is situated at the edge of Lake Champlain Vermont’s most populated city. Burlington is also home to the University of Vermont and 2 other colleges representing the city’s educational and cultural background.

However, if you’re looking to relocate with your family and you’ve been looking at Burlington houses for sale, there is plenty to do for everyone who is not attending a college. There are tons of parks over the city and other venues such as Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center, and Church Street Marketplace. The Marketplace offers an array of boutiques, eateries, and other small businesses.

Burlington, Vermont

There are always events going on too. There are yearly Dragon boat races that are held on Lake Champlain to raise money for charity. The local House of LeMay is a drag performance team that performs a huge show every year for charity as well. There are countless events and activities to take part in that involve the community and are fun for all ages.


As the state’s capital, Montpelier naturally has a lot to offer in terms of representing the state and community. Montpelier is the nation’s smallest capital and the people of Montpelier like it just the way it is. Most hometowns have a sense of pride even if they are proud of some non-traditional quirks and Montpelier is no different.

The people of Montpelier love celebrating diversity and the arts. There are shops that don poems from locals on the windows and The Savoy arts cinema are a frequent destination for many who enjoy these arts. There are farms across this land that provide some of the best fresh farm-to-table food that you can experience.

This city is home to one of the oldest and most well-preserved capital buildings in the United States. They have managed to preserve the original interiors from 1859. The Vermont History Museum offers memberships each year for access to the library and other historical exhibits in the city. If you’re any sort of history buff, you’ll never get sick of exploring.


Home to some of the wealthiest Vermonters, Norwich is a rural area that offers quick access to Hanover, New Hampshire. The sprawling hills and countryside of this picturesque town are everything you think of when you think of sprawling pastures and four-season living. This is where you can find homes with huge acreage.

This area is perfect for those who want to escape the big cities and live quietly on their own land. A large portion of the available land in this area is fresh and ready to build on. Norwich is perfect for those looking to start a family. Additionally, the schools are some of the highest-rated in the state.

Out of all these Vermont towns, you’re bound to find something that aligns with your interests and needs. These three are good examples of city, suburban, and rural living. As long as you don’t mind the extra cold winters and the extra hot summers, you’ll find yourself looking into Vermont homes in no time at all.

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