Four-eyed Me

Before the holiday season, I was forced to take a break…one week because of flu and the succeeding weeks because of vision problem. I had terrible headaches, felt nauseated most of the time and had blurred vision. I consulted an optometrist and he immediately conducted an eye refraction test. I am thankful that the result was just mild astigmatism, one type of refractive error. My eye grade went up to 25 and I was prescribed to wear spectacles for six months to correct the astigmatism and another pair with grade of 40 which I need to wear whenever I will use the computer.

The optometrist said that some vision problem is just but normal when aging, much more to persons like me who spends most of the time infront of the computer. So now, this is the four-eyed me.


A new look this new year.

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