Get the Most Out of Your VOIP Service

Voice over IP is a great tool for modern businesses. It can allow you to get in touch with people all over the world without the baggage of a telephone network. VOIP can also stand to save you a lot of money without needing to give up any of the advantages of a phone number. The following are some tips to let you get the most out of your VOIP service.


The first thing to keep in mind is that bandwidth is everything. If you don’t have enough bandwidth you won’t be able to keep your sound quality very high. High-bandwidth internet connections are effectively the norm today; the issue isn’t whether or not your connection has sufficient bandwidth. The issue is how much of that bandwidth is being used in your office. If your employees have a tendency to use various streaming content services simultaneously you may find it difficult to maintain a stable connection for calling. Your network administrator should be able to throttle bandwidth to an extent if this becomes a problem. If your office isn’t big enough for a dedicated administrator it should be sufficient to make a polite request.

The next thing is protocol. There are a handful of different VOIP protocols. The one you’ll want to use is Session Initiation Protocol. This will allow you to avoid proprietary standards which can limit call compatibility. This is naturally something you’ll want to avoid at all costs because it can restrict the utility of your VOIP system.

The last thing to keep in mind is your router. The router is the most likely thing in your office to bottleneck the efficacy of your VOIP system. It is the most likely culprit if your VOIP service ever stops working. Firmware patches and alterations in setting can have far-reaching implications that will limit your ability to make calls. If you don’t have in-house or service-based network management this is the first thing you will need to check.

VOIP can revolutionize the way you communicate by taking your communications to the Cloud and allowing you to receive business-based calls anywhere. It is an absolute must if you need to do business at a distance and it can save you the time and trouble associated with a landline. While there is something to be said for maintaining a landline system for emergencies, the clean integration of VOIP features into your business will be a distinct advantage.

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Why VoIP Works for Small Businesses

In today’s technological age, more and more businesses now prefer VoIP over traditional phone lines for their communication needs. Aside from having business telephone numbers that are not restricted geographically, VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is more cost-effective, more flexible and more efficient than landlines. With better phone models that can be used for VoIP as well, this telecommunications solution is fast becoming the choice of small business start-ups.
voice over internet protocol

Cost Effective. Making long distance and international calls entails steep fees when done using a traditional phone line or even a mobile phone unit. This is where VoIP is best used for as VoIP calls are routed over the Internet and are not charged additional fees on top of what you are paying for your broadband connection. VoIP, in effect, provides you with unlimited long distance and international calls. The initial cost of setting up a VoIP system may be expensive but the business stands to save more in the long run.

Flexible. VoIP can grow with your business. It allows you to add extra phone lines as your business grows and requires more employees. Also, hosted VoIP solutions can be configured according to your company’s specific requirements. It not only provides you with up-to-date telephony technology, it also provides scalable configuration for future expansion. Traditional phone lines such as PBX systems do not provide this flexibility and scalability.

Efficient. With VoIP, you can call your employees directly on their laptops, PCs and tablets – wherever they are. This also makes conference calls and teleconferencing easily accessible and forwarding calls to mobile phones possible. Software used in VoIP solutions can also respond to changes in the market fast and most have customizable management portals with a simple interface that facilitate effective communication. The easy-to-use features and functionality of VoIPs for business communications make it much more efficient than traditional phone lines.

Unlike landlines though, VoIP requires good Internet connection and could not be used during power outages. It may also be vulnerable to malware, viruses and even hackers. Nonetheless, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages as these cons can be easily addressed by installing safeguards. As such, it is highly advisable for small businesses to go with the VoIP solution. Ideally though, a business must have both a landline and a VoIP system.

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Business Process Outsourcing and VOIP: Perfect Solution for Businesses

Business process outsourcing or BPO has taken the whole world by storm because of its effectiveness and versatility, which encompasses every aspect of a particular company such as marketing, accounting and finance, help desk, management, human resource, and more. Hence, a company is able to operate smoothly and efficiently even if most of the employees are situated in different parts of the globe through VOIP and the affordable cost of 0845 numbers makes the whole process easier.

0845 numbers

If you were familiar with how call centers work, then you would know that these are the perfect examples of BPO. Call centers serve as the core help desk that answers client or customer calls in order to provide outright solutions. As mentioned previously, phone calls from customers are processed over VOIP or Voice on Internet Protocol. The main function of VOIP phones is to convert voice data (analog) into digital data for transmission over the Internet. They are connected to the high speed Internet through computers to enable voice communication.

Since BPO is one of the most profitable industries these days, many executives are opening themselves to the idea of exploring it and using VOIP so they can outsource their business process offshore, particularly to developing countries filled with qualified and talented individuals, such as China, Philippines, Mexico and India. These countries offer good quality services for your business process and they charge a very cheap rate for these services.

Thankfully, there are websites these days where these 0845 numbers may be purchased. The is affordable, which is just perfect for startup businesses. The 0845 numbers that may be used for VOIP phones are invaluable because of their cost and flexibility. Therefore, if you really want your business to thrive, make sure you rely on the best solutions – VOIP phones and business process outsourcing. You will never go wrong with this powerful combination.

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