The Chubby Me

Looking at my pictures, I see the chubby me. I see how much weight I have gained over the years. Not only the pictures but my BMI also says I’m a little overweight. That’s the result of eating thousands of calories everyday yet too lazy to exercise (except of course for my hands and fingers that type all day). Though my husband is saying I’m sexy, I am not comfortable anymore with how I look. Fitting and finding the perfect clothes for me are getting harder each day. I can’t wear tight clothes because they reveal my bulges and because I have big thighs, I don’t look good on skinny jeans. Sigh!

Just like other women out there, I want to lose weight (even just a bit). I have tried different programs before but sadly, eating right and exercise didn’t bring me results. This time I want to try something different…a diet supplement perhaps. I did some research and learned from that each loss supplement works differently. There are supplements that suppresses the appetite and will help you eat less, and there are those that will help you burn more calories. So I think the best way to know what will work for me is to visit my doctor and let him do the assessment. I hope it will give good results this time. I miss wearing skinny jeans and tight shirts badly.

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Shake the Flab Off

“34-26-34” is my vital statistics before I got married and I weighed 95 lbs. I am longing for that figure of mine.

weight loss

After I got married, everything has changed. I love to cook and hubby loves to eat, what a perfect tandem to have those flab and bulges appear everywhere in our bodies. Now is the time to shake the flab off. I know I’ve said it a hundred times but with the help of my Mommy blogger friends, I think I can make it this time.

To start with, I measured my vital statistics which I haven’t done for years. Looking at my body in the mirror and seeing the bulges disappoints me sometimes, but knowing the exact measurement is more disappointing.

Bicep – 30 cms. (11.5 inches)
Chest – 89.5 cms (35 inches)
Waist – 82 cms. (32 inches)
Hips – 89 cms. (35 inches)
Thigh – 54 cms. (21 inches)
Bulge between the waist and hips – 94.5 cms. (37 inches)

Height – 5’0″
Weight – 114.4 lbs.
BMI – 22.3

Obviously, fat is what responsible for my increase in size. Though I am not overweight (based on my BMI), still I need a good work out on every part of my body to shake the flab off. But exercise alone won’t work so for my weight loss to be successful, I’ll just have 1 cup of rice for lunch and Quaker oats or veggies for dinner (I started yesterday). Getting back my old figure would be daunting so just 4 inches off my current waist line would be fine and my target weight is 100 lbs. Will I make it? Let us just wait and see.

By the way, I had my picture taken yesterday but will post it only once I achieved my target weight and waist measurement. Good luck to me!

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The Biggest Loser

I am a proud member of “Filipina Bloggers United”. What I love about this community is the members are helping each other not only on technical aspects of blogging but also on personal matters such as rants about in-laws, marital/family problems, raising kids and sometimes financial troubles. Members can share their experiences on just about anything.

Now, two of the administrators are cooking up something. It’s something like the biggest loser. Participants will be motivated to lose weight through their preferred weight loss program because they need to have weight loss diary or weight loss blog to document the developments (if there will be any).

Teehee! This is what I need. Because I am living at work (literally), I find it hard to escape and visit the gym; the same reason why stay-at-home Moms in our neighborhood, including me, hired trainer for our aerobics and Thai-Bo sessions. Sadly we didn’t meet our goals fro the biggest loser because the personal trainer we hired was not that dedicated and very unprofessional. He was late all the time and he lacks the knowledge and skills to provide us with effective work-outs. He should have enrolled first to a good personal trainer school and had the expertise before he offered his services.

Another problem I had, aside from undedicated trainer, is my lack of motivation. Now that we will have the biggest loser, we will be obliged to record everything weekly, from our weight down to our waist size. I will do that along with other Filipina Bloggers…virtually…good enough to motivate me.

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Love Makes Us Bigger Each day

Love Gets Us Bigger

It was summer last year when this picture was taken. I was a little voluptuous here. Noticed that hiding bulge on my tummy area? That bulge is tripled now. Would you believe that the shorts and shirt I am wearing here doesn’t fit me anymore? That means I am bigger now…my waist, hips, thighs, everything! I am currently taking slimming tea but seem like it does not make any difference. Do you think I need to read oxyelite pro reviews yet? I know I should exercise and diet instead but I am too lazy to observe daily routines.

What makes us bigger everyday by the way? It’s LOVE! I have read that a woman and a man who are in a loving relationship are putting more weight than single persons. This is somewhat true in our case because hubby and I gained so much weight since we first met. His waist line then was only 32 inches, now it’s 36. My waist line then was 26 inches, now it is 30. We both love to eat and indulging on restaurants became more fun and exciting since we were together. Not to mention the wines and spirits that make the evenings more romantic. And yes, we are both lazy to exercise because we both love to kill the time by just being couch potatoes…watching DVD movies together while cuddling.

It’s definitely our love for each other that makes us bigger each day.

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Mistaken for Pregnant

My Dad asked me if I am pregnant. Grrr! What’s pissing me off is I am not pregnant and won’t be anymore due to health reasons and my Dad knows that. His question made me feel really bad. Does my belly bulging that much? Am I that big?

I can’t blame my Dad though for mistaken me as pregnant because I’ve gained so much weight. But asking such question is rudeness, don’t you think? A neighbor asked me the same question before and I felt like I was bright red all over because of embarrassment and anger.

Getting rid of this big belly or being slim is not my priority as I have so many important things to prioritize but maybe it’s about time to be serious in losing weight and look for weight loss pills that work or else I would hear the same question again from someone. I do not want that to happen for I might loss my temper this time.

I wouldn’t dare to ask the same hurtful question or comment about pregnancy unless I am sure that the woman is pregnant. That’s the right thing to do right, to be polite and compassionate all the time. I do not understand why it is hard for some people to do so. They should at least think twice before they open their mouths.

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