Mistaken for Pregnant

My Dad asked me if I am pregnant. Grrr! What’s pissing me off is I am not pregnant and won’t be anymore due to health reasons and my Dad knows that. His question made me feel really bad. Does my belly bulging that much? Am I that big?

I can’t blame my Dad though for mistaken me as pregnant because I’ve gained so much weight. But asking such question is rudeness, don’t you think? A neighbor asked me the same question before and I felt like I was bright red all over because of embarrassment and anger.

Getting rid of this big belly or being slim is not my priority as I have so many important things to prioritize but maybe it’s about time to be serious in losing weight and look for weight loss pills that work or else I would hear the same question again from someone. I do not want that to happen for I might loss my temper this time.

I wouldn’t dare to ask the same hurtful question or comment about pregnancy unless I am sure that the woman is pregnant. That’s the right thing to do right, to be polite and compassionate all the time. I do not understand why it is hard for some people to do so. They should at least think twice before they open their mouths.

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