Whaling In Faroe Islands

I received an email today from a blogger friend about the killings of hundreds of Calderon dolphins at Faroe Islands in Denmark. I was shocked with the pictures of the said sea creatures that were brutally killed with hooks. Why kill the famous and intelligent dolphins? I have learned from research that they are pilot whales and not dolphins.

The whaling happens every year in Faroe Islands. It is a community effort for storing valuable whale meat and products for the winter as the Pilot whale meat is important part of the Faroese’ staple diet. It is regulated by Faroese authorities but not by the International Whaling Commission as there are disagreements about the Commission’s competency for small cetaceans. However, the animal rights groups criticize the hunt as unnecessary barbaric acts.

Dolphin or whales, it doesn’t matter. What matters is to stop these brutal killings of any creatures on earth. We must all understand that the earth’s balance is altered by the extinction of different species and may cause a very bad domino effect. Stop the killings of different species to avoid future environmental catastrophe.

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