Wireless Communications

Converging to form new generations of applications and services are the two most significant technological discoveries of the late 20th century-the mobile phone and the internet. Think about how these wireless communications transformed the world and still continuous to move and emerge new applications. We take advantage of the on-line services and benefit all areas of daily life such as e-mail, banking, on-line shopping, monitoring stocks and shares, ordering and booking air travel tickets, downloading games, music and movies, promote products, so on and so forth. In short, we can do business whenever and wherever without going anywhere as long as we have mobile phone and internet.

It is easy to acquire mobile phone because they are available in every mall and gadget centers and there are several options in acquiring internet connection such us dial-up connection or phone lines which is popular to home users, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) line, or cable modem. Satellite connections are also possible. However, not every connection type is available in all locations. Visit www.web-articles.info for the information needed and for the comparison and capabilities of the above-mentioned connections.

I am hoping and looking forward that the technology developers will open up new opportunities for business and pleasure, and provide more glimpses of the future wireless communications.

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