The People on My Christmas Wish List

Gift-giving is a tradition since ancient times that we practice until now. While gifts are given on different occasions and holidays, the largest of the gift-giving occasions is Christmas. It is because Christmas is a celebration of merry making and gift-giving. Even the birth of Jesus Christ was associated with gifts when the three Wise Men or Magi brought gifts to honor Him. Gifts could be items or monetary that are given to our loved ones, relatives and friends. On our case, we give gifts not only to the people who are dear to us but also to those who are part of our everyday life which makes the people on my Christmas wish list long.First on the list, of course no other than Rhonnel and RJ. Until now I don’t know what to give them.

My parents and parents-in-law. We usually give them money. It is more practical because they are all taking their maintenance meds.

Our siblings, BIL and SIL. We give them gifts that can be used by couple for us to save a little.

Nephews and nieces. This is where we spend much. They are only 5 but we can’t give them something cheap. They are like our own children.

Godchildren…all of them. I have 10 godchildren and Rhonnel has 22.

Friends…I only have few here because most of them are living overseas.

Tito Art, RJ’s service in school.

Manang, the one who delivers Sampaguita to us every Wednesday and Sunday.

Mang Ruben, the mailman.

RJ’s teachers and friends. They are on RJ’s list but it’s still me who will buy the gifts.

Security guards at the banks.

Security guards of Natasha and Mse (our small business).

Children in our neighborhood (our street only).

A quite long list. This is where most of Rhonnel’s bonus goes. lol! But it is good to always share our blessings. As the saying goes, it is better to give than to receive.


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