How To Find Work As A Contractor

Working as contractor can be pretty tough, when it comes to job stability. If you love this lone- ranger kind of life, moving from job to job, then you’ll want to minimize the gap between one employment to another. Smooth the transition with these tips on finding work as a contractor.


Make A Killer CV

You want to nail prospective employers with a shining CV. To get your foot through the door, you’ve really got to wow them. This means specifically targeting every covering letter and doing your research. Include keywords from the job description throughout your text.

Market Yourself

According to statistics, approximately 80% of contractors source their next employment through an agency, so get on their database and pick out roles! Upload a CV and start contacting companies which need your skills and experience.

Hopefully you’ll know that you’re going to need employment a month in advance, because you’ll need to upload your CV early to ensure that you’ve got offers to play with at the end of your current contract. It may also take a few weeks for your CV to be distributed to most major agencies.

If you’re applying to many jobs at once, create a sheet, detailing exactly who you’ve contacted and a little about the position – it’s easy to lose track, and you need to be submitting to as many companies as possible. Keep on top of this list and chase up your applications.


Contracting jobs are advertised because companies want their chosen team to begin as quickly as possible. There’s no point applying to old advertisements, as all the positions have probably been filled. Only submit to recent job vacancies.


If you just send off a bunch of emails containing your CV, you’re missing a trick. Make sure you follow up all submissions with a phone call. Forget to do this at your own peril. Smart contractors will be targeting companies, so they get bumped to the top of the pile. If they don’t call you back, ring again until they pick up. Companies which accept contractors are usually exceptionally busy, and
their unresponsive reaction is nothing personal.

Fake Jobs

Be careful of phishers. These guys will fake job advertisements. Learn how to smell these from a mile off and avoid them at all costs. They’re a massive waste of your time and they want to grab your information illegally. Don’t fall for it.


Most contractors are aware that the position is pretty much in the bag, if they’ve managed to land an interview. However, if you sink during this stage, you’ll find yourself without a job regardless. Come prepared, confident (but not arrogant), and proactive. In the world of business, shrinking violets don’t do well. Try to close the interview by asking if the company will offer you the job.

Effectively, you’re pitching your services and it’s unlikely that you’ll be called back for another interview.

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