Take Care of Mother Nature

The weather was gloomy yesterday and the other day it was raining hard the whole day. The rivers overflowed resulting to flooded areas in Metro Manila that made several roads impassable to traffic. There were also landslides in other places that damaged 8 houses. Three people died and two others were reported missing due to floods. Two died from drowning, one of them is a 9 months old baby. The other one died from electrocution. These were sad news caused by typhoon “Isang”. The Mother Nature once again showed her dismay on our abuse to her. When are we going to take care of her? Let us not wait for more calamities and disasters to come before we do our share. We can start by simply not throwing our garbage on rivers and refrain from using non-biodegradable materials that can clog the drainage. Stop cutting trees and plant more instead. Let’s not abuse the earth for one day there will be no nature for future’s birth.

Today, I am glad to see that Mr. Sunshine is up again. It is a beautiful day. Isn’t it nice that our children can play outside? We can’t stop Mother Nature from crying but we can prevent the rivers from overflowing and our roads from flooding by taking care of the Mother Nature. Here is a link for a poem about Human and Nature by Ayesha Raoof. I can’t post it here due to their copyright policy.

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  1. Sorry about your bad weather and the typhoon, that is sad that people died because of it.

    Hope you have better weather soon!

  2. There were many people died because of our being irresponsible. The place where I grew up in the philippines is not really a decent area because almost everybody in our neighborhood threw their garbage in the river. It was really dirty. It's been going on for many, many years but just last year, our city including other cities in Region x experienced floods and there were people died at that calamity. That's already a lesson to all the people that lives in our area not to abuse our mother nature because when it strikes back, it will destroy everything that we have work for and even lives. Thanks for sharing this Ross. Have a blessed day.

  3. hoping for sunny day tomorrow..

  4. I agree with you. I hope people will see the connection between that garbage they just threw and an impending flood. The problem is that if they don't see a direct link, they're bound to think that there must be no relation.

  5. Mainit din dito Mommy Rossel, have a blessed Sunday!

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