Tale of an Opiate Addict

I have an uncle who was a drug addict. I am not ashamed to brag about this because I want to share his story and in a way help others who are into drugs. My uncle started taking drugs when he was on his teens. His parents (my grandparents), got separated and from then on my uncle got rebellious and became drug dependent and he was hooked to opiates in just a short time. I think it is the top cause of being drug dependent, family and domestic problems. You cannot suspect my uncle for an addict though because he does not look like others involved to drugs with unkempt hair and trashy clothes.My grandmother (RIP) forced him to be confined in a rehabilitation center for so many times but then my uncle always ended right back from where he started from. But his family was not judgmental. They tried their best to understand him instead. My uncle was nearly 40 years old when he decided to quit from using opiates for good. Yes, he survived despite of his being drug dependent for so many years. He realized that he needed help and that is what important to recover from drug addiction, to realize your fault and admit that you have gone wrong. So with the help of Suboxone, a drug that helped him to wean from opiate addiction, and his desire to straighten himself, he became free from opiates. It didn’t end there yet. He needed to be detoxed physically and mentally so he underwent suboxone withdrawal treatment and counseling after.

Of course, it was not easy. Nothing is. He had a hard time admitting and quitting but his urge to live a normal life again, his determination to quit and the love of his family are what led him to the road to recovery and brought back his life. My uncle is now 50 years old and though he is drinking and smoking, I am proud to say that he is now drug-free.

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  1. Yes, there is always hope as long as one is alive. What is important is that the person want to change his life for the better. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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