Tasty Tech – 5 Technologies That are Revolutionizing the Way We Cook

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You don’t need to go to chef school to cook a heartwarming meal and practice better kitchen maintenance. Thanks to recent developments in modern technology, you can prepare a smorgasbord of culinary delights at home. Whether you’re cooking for your sweetheart or having a dinner party, these five technologies will transform your standards and delight your taste buds:

1. Induction Cooking

With its many benefits, there’s no wonder it’s a commonly preferred method in commercial kitchens. You can enjoy faster cooking times, even heat distribution and energy efficient technology by investing in induction cooktops. Just make sure you have quality, Induction Cookware that is compatible with your cooktop, otherwise you may face a cooking disaster and may potentially damage your equipment.

2. Smart Fridge

Smart technology is not unique to communications and entertainment appliances. After the smartphone and smart TV, the smart fridge has increasingly become a common upgrade for homes all around the world. This appliance can be programmed to keep track of what products you store inside and even sync to your phone so you can check out your fridge contents when you need it at the supermarket. You can even control temperatures and check on your ice and water filter status with accuracy all from your phone. Be part of the smart home revolution and utilize cutting edge technology to improve your skills

3. 3D Food Printer

It’s not a thing of science fiction, 3D food printers are here and commercially available for you to significantly upgrade the visual appeal of your cooking! This technology allows you to transform your dough or cooking mixtures into unique and even intricately patterned edible works of art.

You can use your 3D food printer to customize the ultimate birthday cake or serve up a delicious pizza with a personal message for an unforgettable dining experience. This innovation is especially handy if you like to host dinner parties and cook for groups, or anticipate starting a home cooking business.

4. Spiralizers

This simple little food-prep tool is a great addition to add more diversity to your meals. A vegetable spiralizer can turn certain items like zucchinis, beetroots, cucumbers and carrots into noodles, spaghetti, spirals, ribbons and chips depending on its blades and functions. This is a great, inexpensive investment for cooking a greater range of creative, healthy meals. Fast and easy to use, you can choose from a standard to an advanced multi-blade spiralizer for even more options.

5. Sous Vide

It means “under vaccum” in French and is an innovative cooking technique used to create healthier, flavorsome meals that cannot be achieved by any other means of cooking. It involves vacuum-sealing food in a bag and cooking it in water at a very specific temperature for a precise period of time. Sous vide has been used in fine dining restaurants for a long time but thanks to innovations in cooking technology, the trend has been on the rise for home cooking and private events.

Sous vide cookers, today, are now more lightweight and intuitive than ever. There are various high-quality accessories like vacuum sealers, smoke guns and marinade injectors on the market so that you can create a high-class dining experience for your house guests.

Investing in any of these items is a simple way to enhance your cooking skills and presentation. Now you’re better aware of some of the modern kitchen appliances that can really impact your cooking, it’s time to start shopping!

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