Tear Jerker Video

It’s weekend so I let hubby used the PC. He downloaded episodes of The Pacific then watched it…and so I thought. It was so silent in our room, no sounds of pounding canons, blasting of bombs, impact and destruction so I was wondering why. When I entered the room, hubby was crying. I felt goose bumps for I very seldom see him in tears. He is a typical man who manage not to cry even on saddest moments. What happened?! When I looked at the monitor this is what I saw. He asked me to watch it so I did…

Then I just felt that my tears were running down my cheeks. The video is a touching story of an old father, a son and a sparrow. What a lovely tear jerker video…one of the bests I have watched in YouTube.

I know why hubby cried. It is not just because of the sad video. He can totally relate to it. There are times my father-in-law asks too many questions when sometimes there isn’t anything to ask about. For a person who doesn’t like to answer too many questions and who doesn’t talk much like my husband, it is annoying. There are times that hubby can’t hide his annoyance. I don’t know if my father-in-law gets hurt or if he is used to it. Don’t get it wrong though. Hubby is the best son I know. It is just sometimes he is not in the mood to answers questions most especially if they are not that important.

I just hope this video helped hubby to understand his father.

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  1. waaaaah!! guilty kami! ahuhuhu… really nice video. I just hope I have that patience to answer every question my kids ask. Mama the second kasi ata talaga ako e! 🙁

  2. Yes, I agree the video is very moving and this can change our attitude in treating our oldies. They most need our attention in the same manner they gave their love and affection when we were then toddlers. Nice video to watch full of values. It’s not too late yet to return the love and affection to them:)

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