Thank God for Group Buying Sites

Think about this: you want to have a vacation but you are wary of the expenses; you want this particular gadget but it will drain your credit card limit; you want to dine in a fancy restaurant but it’s way beyond your allowance. Worry no more because group-buying is here. It started in China and is known as tuángòu, which means team buying or group buying. This is how it works: they offer products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. In a weak global economy and technology bridging everything, it became an instant hit.  To date, thousands of group buying sites mushroomed in different continents selling everything from high-tech gadgets and appliances to simple household items.

Here in the Philippines, group-buying became the alternative to acquire those expensive gadgets, to experience those adventure-filled vacations, to dine in those fancy restaurants or to simply have that full body massage after a stressful week at work. With hundreds of group buying sites, you’ll definitely get the right deal for you or for your family like what we had last February. It was a 50% off on accommodation in a beachfront resort and it was indeed a spectacular deal. 🙂

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