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Thanks to Paula for this BC Bloggers’ Party. At least I got the chance to party even virtually and will get to know more of the BC Bloggers.

My name is Rosalie but my friends and loved ones call me Rossel. I am a loving wife to my hardworking husband Rhonnel and a mother to our pretty angel RJ. I resigned from work when I was 5 months pregnant and put up a small business through the help of my husband. From then on I became a work-at-home Mom.

I was an addict reader. I read everything, as in,  even the wrapper of smoked fish as my Mom would say. But when an old friend introduced me to blogosphere more than a year ago, I got hooked to it. I find blogging more fun and interesting as I am not only reading here, I am also sharing my thoughts and ideas.

This site is my first blog. I still remember the day I was thinking of a title for this one. I had 6 titles in mind but everything were already taken so I ended up with Topics on Earth. Why Topics on Earth? Aside from the reason that it was the only one available out of the 6 titles, I would love to post here all possible topics on Earth, except of course for pornography, violence and the like.
From then on three more blogs authored by yours truly emerged. Yes, that is how addicted I am.

The “Mom’s Ups and Downs” is my second blog. This is about my journeys, routines, views and opinions as a work-at-home Mom. I am posting here tips about parenting and share some of what I read about women, moms, family and kids. I would also love to share here our family’s day to day experiences.

 “Kitchen Essentials” is formerly named Kusina Ko. I once thought of giving up this blog for I find it hard to maintain 3 sites. When I finally learned how to manage my time and thought of posting again on this blog, it was hubby who suggested to change its name to “Kitchen Essentials”. I am posting here recipes, foods, kitchen tips, etc.

My latest site is “Arts, Crafts and More”. I love to draw and sketch whenever I have free time and I thought of sharing them. This is because I need your opinions to further enhance my works. I will feature here my daughter’s arts as well. She loves to draw like me and her drawings reminds me of my drawings when I was her age.

Despite all of these, I always find time for my family. I cook for them, do household chores and attend to their needs, play and draw with  my daughter, watch movies with hubby every night and I wake up early in the morning and prepare my husband’s things for the office even I stayed up until 2am blogging and blog hopping. I maybe an addict blogger but I am proud to say that I am also a very loving and caring queen of our home.

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  1. Hi Rossel. Funny you mentioned you read the wrapper of smoked fish. I like reading the wrapper of things I buy from the supermarket. My husband complains that it's taking me too long to do the shopping. Sorry but I don't want to buy things misinformed. Glad to meet you here at the BC Blogger's Party.

  2. aww!!! ang galing galing mo ate ross… grabe, I wish I can do all those too… I just can't stay up late because hubby insists that we should always sleep at the same time, I guess that's one reason why I think I'm lacking of time to do everything… waah!!! more time management for me please??? LOL!

    I guess I know more about you na po because of CC dba? And now I got the chance to know your 3 other blogs… 🙂

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    Thank you very much and hope to see you!

    makoy 🙂

  4. nice meeting you here…I'm from BC Bloggers 🙂

  5. i didnt realize you have 4 sites already! 😀

    glad to know more about you today, visiting you through BC Bloggers!

  6. hi mommy! wow ang galing mo! your a supermom! its nice to know more of you… take care

  7. I love blogging too 😀 hehe.. so nice to know you 😀


  8. hi old friend, kamusta ka na ba? ako yata yun old friend na yun ah! salamat naman at kahit paano nakadagdag ang blogging sa mga activities mo sa buhay. adik din ako dito tulad mo kaya lang medyo nag lie low ako dahil sa dami ng kailangan kong ayusin at bigyan ng prayoridad pero di naman ako nawawala kahit paano e nakaka update pa rin si payatot kahit puro music at copy paste lang tong ginagawa ko. sige rossel ingat at kamusta na lang sa pamilya mo…..

  9. Ang galing mo naman! Hindi ko kaya ginagawa mo magising ng maaga kahit 2am natulog! waa!
    Thanks for this wonderful post. Check you next week for the list of the participants. 🙂

  10. well,you're really good in time management…

  11. waaaaaaaa…ang ganda ng pagka post mo te….:)

    my gosh, para kang superwoman….ehehhehe…all around purpose…ehehhehe….ako nga din, dko na isip na nakaya ko mag handle ng multiple blogs and at the same time taking care of my family…kaya apir tau te…ehehehe…lol!

    btw, I like the family pic a lot…any plans on having another one?

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