The Biggest Loser

I am a proud member of “Filipina Bloggers United”. What I love about this community is the members are helping each other not only on technical aspects of blogging but also on personal matters such as rants about in-laws, marital/family problems, raising kids and sometimes financial troubles. Members can share their experiences on just about anything.

Now, two of the administrators are cooking up something. It’s something like the biggest loser. Participants will be motivated to lose weight through their preferred weight loss program because they need to have weight loss diary or weight loss blog to document the developments (if there will be any).

Teehee! This is what I need. Because I am living at work (literally), I find it hard to escape and visit the gym; the same reason why stay-at-home Moms in our neighborhood, including me, hired trainer for our aerobics and Thai-Bo sessions. Sadly we didn’t meet our goals fro the biggest loser because the personal trainer we hired was not that dedicated and very unprofessional. He was late all the time and he lacks the knowledge and skills to provide us with effective work-outs. He should have enrolled first to a good personal trainer school and had the expertise before he offered his services.

Another problem I had, aside from undedicated trainer, is my lack of motivation. Now that we will have the biggest loser, we will be obliged to record everything weekly, from our weight down to our waist size. I will do that along with other Filipina Bloggers…virtually…good enough to motivate me.

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  1. When losing weight … important not to start, but do not give up))) Good luck!

  2. Good luck to your weight loss endeavor!

  3. i think i should join that as well hahaha

  4. rachelle says:

    gogogo ate rossel! isama mo na rin si kuya!

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