The Emotional Side of Me

I am not an astrology fan but its description of Gemini for having a dual nature as it symbolizes twins is somewhat true with me.

I am very emotional and cry baby sometimes. That is why I hate watching drama and “Wish Ko Lang” because they can make me cry easily just the same when I am looking back to negative experiences or I feel overwhelmed. Despite this, I am tough and I don’t let my emotions control me. I can even pretend to be happy even if I am upset. Ooops, don’t get me wrong. I am not “Tupperware”. It is just that I am trying to control my emotions especially when I am so pissed off because I don’t want to jump into situations and do or said something that I would bitterly regret in the end.

Whenever someone frustrates me I don’t let my emotions control my behavior and actions and whenever I have problems, I exclude my emotions and don’t let it control my thinking. This doesn’t mean I am controlling my emotions. I am recognizing them and act on them when deem appropriate.

I am not as thoughtful as others as I always forget friends’ birthdays but I am a good compassionate friend and can be your friend until the end. And when it comes to love, I am not afraid to show my emotions, I am very vocal and showy.

But of course, I am human and I am not perfect. Even how tough I am, there are times that I feel so down. During these times, I just cry alone and let those unwanted emotions pour. Do I love me emotionally? Yes, I love being a cry baby and I love me being tough.

This is my entry for Girls Talk. The “I love Me” theme for this month is over and I enjoyed it very much. This month’s theme help me assess and realized how I am as a person, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I was able to see my weaknesses and realized that I need to improve the spiritual side of me especially my relationship with BRO. And for that I want to thank Kaye. Thank you, dear! I am looking forward on more exciting topics in…

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By Rossel

Graduate of B.S. Medical Technology but landed in the field of business and writing. She has gone from being a white-collared job employee to an entrepreneur because of the world's changes and demanding needs. She is currently maintaining 4 blogs with different niches such as business and finance, parenting and family, health and beauty, and home improvement.

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7 replies on “The Emotional Side of Me”

As the song goes, The Greatest Love Is To Love Yourself. But we must not overdo it otherwise we will end up being narcissistic. Self love is different from self vanity. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

wow naman Sis Rossel, you're such a crying lady yet a tough girl. Galing naman non!!! AKo hindi ko po talaga kayang mag pretend to be okay kapag hindi naman talaga!!! ewan ko ba? hahaha

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