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The Evolution of HRIS Systems

HRIS has evolved over the years. Gone are the days when you slide the card into a physical machine to receive a time stamp. Now, we are arriving at a computer terminal and clocking in. The convenience of the HRIS system is phenomenal, and managers can view in real-time who is working and who is late or absent. Most managers can’t imagine a day without the modern-day HRIS systems.

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Uncompromised Accuracy

In the days of the time stamp card, there were instances of people losing or misplacing the cards, stealing the cards, or attempting to defraud the system. When technology improved, these instances decreased and efficiency improved tremendously. Managers have a more accurate portrayal of employee work habits and can spot behaviors that may damage normal workflow easier.

HRIS programs improve efficiency and accuracy through sophisticated technology. The information gathered from the programs can be sent to payroll, and salaries or wages can be automatically calculated. This is convenient for employers and employees who would prefer not to wait for a check to be generated on payday. The process is secure, and with fewer impediments to overcome, employers can complete the payroll process in record times.

Step Into the Digital Age

Until the 1980s, people were not appreciative of the convenience digital solutions offered. Though IBM, Compaq and Tandy were making strides, these companies were not able to transcend into a completely digital solution. It wasn’t until Enterprise Management Programs (ERP) was introduced that more people directed their attention to data collected in the Finance department.

After developers improved the processing speeds and multi-layer reporting, there was greater opportunity to improve how fast the HRIS system worked in workplaces. HRIS software can collect, report, and analyze data from business personnel and use the information to make important business decisions.

Experience HRIS Value Add

The value gained from using HRIS is impressive. Over the years, HR professionals are recognizing the tremendous benefits of the software and have sold management using some of the same values listed here:

1. Accurate and comprehensive reporting by remaining compliant

2. Ability to retain and recruit talent through applicant tracking

3. Compensation analysis possible through payroll

4. Use performance and appraisal in conjunction with reporting for better management

5. Employees have more control with benefits management

6. Managers, training, and skills testing possible through team and project management

7. Compliance reporting supported through recruitment and resume processing

A Shift of Ownership

Today, nearly every Human Resources professional is educated in the form of HRIS. The software is capable of performing complex calculations and organizing human capital in ways that are not easily achieved by other means. HRIS software can make Human Resources more efficient, productive, and valuable to an organization. Even in global situations, the software has withstood the rigors of payroll and freed up more time for professionals to focus on other tasks. When other employee skills are improved, the organization can become more efficient and accurate. Find the HRIS solution that meets the needs of your organization.

Authored by: Rebecca Whiteside.

Image Credit:
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