The Fastest Way to Fitness and Fat Loss

As they say, “health is wealth”. So as soon as the clock ticked at 2011, my husband and I started to eat healthy and live healthy as much as we can. We are not health buffs but because we both experience difficulty in breathing at times, we decided to watch our diet and have some exercise. My husband enrolled to Fitness Republic while I am having my routines of aerobics at home. But until now we can’t see any results yet. I think what we need is tabata workout.

Wondering what tabata is? Tabata is an interval training that builds as much muscular endurance as forty five minutes of normal cardio training. The full tabata training is just 4 minutes long but the most intense by far. Hmmm…this is exactly what we need, the fastest way to fitness and weight loss. Good thing is, the training must be done only once or twice a month yet produces remarkable results.

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  1. Hi mommy! We’ll try your recommendation. I haven’t gained my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m still 12 lbs. heavier.
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