The First Step to Success: Drawing Up a Sound Business Plan

Those who fail in their endeavors surely did not plan to fail. What they failed to do is to come up with a good plan. In any kind of business, a sound business plan is the first thing that owners will have to make. This important piece of document will detail the business’ goals and all other pertinent information that will make these goals attainable. This will also help put things in perspective with respect to the resources available and how they can be maximized.

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The following elements should be considered in drawing up a plan towards business success:

Mission and Vision

The plan needs to have a purpose. The mission and the vision of the company should serve as the anchor of the business plan. This is what the company is planning for. Success will be measured on how close the company is to their mission and vision. Of course, this should be translated into more quantifiable terms. If the company’s vision is to be the brand of choice when it comes to a particular product category, then the corresponding measures should also be identified as success factors.

Competitive Landscape

There is hardly any business that exists in an industry on its own. There are competitors to speak of and to share the market with. Detailing information of the competitive landscape in the business plan will help the business owner identify strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities to take advantage of. This will also give way to a better action plan and the consequent performance analysis. This portion in the plan should include information about the motivations of customers in dealing with the competitor companies. The business can capitalize on these motivations to get more of the customer pie.

Resource Allocation

The business needs to have a good grasp of what resources it can make use of in their bid for business success. Where these resources will come from and how they can be maximized should be detailed in the plan. The end in view of all businesses is profitability. And this requires prudent use of resources. Bigger companies could also look into financing options if it would mean increased chances of productivity and profitability.

Action Plan

Any plan will not work if they are not properly implemented. A concrete and workable action plan should be included in this business document. There also has to be accountability. The different departments and operational areas will have to be involved in the planning process. Most importantly, the commitment and dedication of the business owner and the managers will have to be present to put the plan in action towards business success.

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