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The Four Most Important Duties of a Construction Manager

construction manager
Construction managers are in charge
of everyone and everything that is
a part of the greater plan.

Construction managers have dozens of very important jobs to master in order to get a project from start to finish with a minimum of budgetary concerns or timing difficulties. They are in charge of everyone and everything that is a part of the greater plan. Here are some of the important duties that a construction manager has to deal with before and during the project.


So much work goes into a project before the first ground is broken or nail is hammered. Floor blueprints have to be drawn up, contracts have to be filed and most importantly a plan has to be drafted. This is the only way to prevent the risk of going over budget, running out of time or causing yourself undue stress cost and effort. When the job is planned it allows everyone to know what they’re doing and when it needs to be done. This boosts employee morale and increases the faith clients have in the project.

Hiring, Firing and Managing

Dealing with people is one of the hardest parts of the job, especially on a big construction job. You have to recognise the potential or lack thereof of various employees. They have to know how to delegate, figure out any conflict disputes and scheduling issues. When something goes wrong the manager has to know how to resolve it and if someone ends up dragging the project down it’s the managers responsibility to get rid of and replace them. Making sure everyone is getting the job done is a lot of trouble.

Equipment Procurement

The manager has to be able to handle the equipment, from the safety equipment to keep the employees alive, to the heavy machinery that will really get the job done; maintenance, replacing old equipment, accounting for what needs to go where. It is their decision whether the project can get the job done in a tight enough time frame to justify just hiring equipment from Mabey Hire Australia or if you need to go the length and buy it. Every piece of equipment on the roster is the managers indirect responsibility.

Keeping the Loop

Everyone has to know every duty that will affect their job and how they will do it. Those who handle the paperwork need to know deadlines on submissions so the construction crew will have the permits they need. The equipment and the people who handle it will have to know delivery schedules, where to be and when to be there. Keeping everyone in the loop with the parts of the rest of the task that will affect there is essential for synchronism.

It is very important to keep an appreciation of everything that a construction manager has to keep in their minds at all times. This is an essential role in any construction process and if you hire one that fails it may just bring the project down with it.

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