The Greatest Woman I Know

I could have made it a long way to other professions but I chose to be a full time mom because for me the world’s greatest profession is motherhood. It may be the most difficult but it is also the most fulfilling. My own mom is the one who inspires me.

I still remember the nights when we were sick, she sat up all night, wiping up barf and repeatedly saying, “It’s OK baby, Mommy’s here” and when I have sibling who kept on crying and did not stop, she was worried and walked around the house all night. She taught us how to tie shoelaces before we started school, read bedtime stories over and over again to make us fall asleep, sat down with us and explained all about the things around us, cooked our favorite foods, cut our hair and nails every week, make dozens of cookies for school teas, and make all our costumes for school programs. 

When we all grew up and were on our teens, she taught us to cook, sew, clean and do household chores. The reason why even my brothers are good cooks. She was worried about us when we did not go home on time and cried with us every time we got broken-hearted.

Even now that we have our own families, she’s always there for us. When I was rushed to the hospital, she stayed with us for three days, did the laundry, cooked and took care of my daughter. She’s helping us raising our children, reminded us to be strong, brave and honest.

This is the picture of my MOM with my daughter. Yesterday, we celebrated her 60th birthday. Happy birthday, Ma! May our good LORD bless you with good health and longer life. Thank you for always being there no matter what. Thanks to you and DAD for raising us, six children, as good and God-fearing persons.


You’re the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us and when adversity takes the place of prosperity. You are the greatest woman I know.

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  1. happy bday kay mama mo kahit medyo late na ako dito…masarap magkaroon ng isang nanay na alam mong andyan lang sya palagi sayo lalo na kung medyo may pagkakataon na medyo di maayos ang iyong kalusugan…ang bilis ng panahon pero palagay ko tulad ka rin nya na maalaga sa pamilya mo….ingat rossel…

  2. More power to your Mom and to all she holds so dearly in her heart…

  3. Hello Ross. Although its late but let me extend my belated birthday greetings to your mom. Both of you are lucky to have each other. Ako, not that really cause my mom passed away when I was 6. I don't experienced how to have a mom. I was very young when she left us. Anyway, I am so happy for you. I am back now in the US. My vacation is now over. Hope someday I can stay a little bit longer with my family. ope soooo..

  4. Very inspiring article

  5. very well said teRoss….I love this post…..wonderful!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mum. Wish her all the best for the coming years.

  7. Happy birthday to your Mama, Rossel. She look younger than her age. 🙂

  8. Hello Rossel, being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in any field, since the payment is pure love.

    And one good mother is worth a hundred teachers.
    Mabuhay, keep a song in your heart. Best regards Lee.

    Ps, hey Rossel, one day you must post about dancing the Tinikling. I love to watch old days.
    And oh yes, I love the song, Dahil Sayoh.
    We sing it at karoake parties friends homes but don’t know the meaning.
    All I know it means, “Because of you”. Right? Ha ha. Lee.

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mama! We are so blessed to have caring and loving mothers! God bless to all the mothers!

  10. It seems like you have a very great woman for a role model.

  11. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Very nice post! You’re both blessed to have each other. 🙂

  12. Great tribute to your Mom. Hope she had a happy birthday!

  13. Belated happy bday to your Mom! Ang bait naman ng mommy mo. I’m sure katulad ka rin nya!

  14. Happy Birthday to your mom ate rossel!

  15. Happy Birthday to your mom.Your very lucky to have a mom like her and she’s lucky to have you…

  16. kasandria says:

    Nice tribute! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Clicked some links for ya as well!

  17. Your mom is so lucky to have you Ms. Rossel!

  18. Your mother is so loving kaya naman you’re a very loving daughter ross!

  19. Wat a very good tribute kay Mama!

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