The Importance of Good Quality Office Furniture

A pleasant working environment is extremely important if you want to keep your employees happy in the workplace. While many employers are now seeing the benefits of flexible, remote working, there are still lots of jobs where workers need to be based in the office, and it is crucial to give them the right conditions to keep them motivated and to maintain the air of professionalism your business needs.


Much like working styles, furniture needs will differ greatly from person to person. If you want a sense of consistency, ergonomic furniture can be a good bet. This takes into account the fact that each employee will have a different posture, meaning they can stay comfortable and safe all day. Ergonomic seating can come in the form of standard office swivel chairs or larger executive-style seating, so you can choose the right size and style for your office.

The rise of the video conference means that not only can clients and colleagues abroad just hear you, they can also see you, so it’s important that what they see reflects the way you want to portray your business. Conference tables should make a statement about your business, as this is the main piece of furniture others will see. It should be great quality and help you establish your authority as a trustworthy, suitable company. For a design company, this could be something super modern and sleek. For a sales team, this might be something heavy duty and serious looking.

Collaborative projects, meetings and group work have upped the need for comfortable spaces for colleagues to congregate. This no longer necessarily means a standard central table surrounded by chairs. It could mean a series of smaller desks throughout a room with comfortable seating provided for colleagues to break off into smaller discussion groups. This set up promotes conversation, and giving your employees somewhere more pleasant to work might increase inspiration and teamwork.

Desks need to be spacious enough for colleagues to store all the things they need. It is no good trying to be economical so that each person is hunched over a tiny desk with only enough room for a keyboard and monitor. There needs to be enough space to use a mouse, to put any paperwork and to generally spread out. The less confined they feel, the better.

The main benefits of top quality office furniture are the sense of professionalism it gives your office and the way others perceive it. The better the quality, the more successful your company will appear, so it is well worth the investment.

Marvin Monroe is an office design consultant who regularly advises start ups and well established companies on making the most of modern office space.

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