The Making of Model Employees

It is every business owner’s dream to have a team of model employees who are all capable, motivated, and determined enough to do whatever it takes to meet their targets. Some of these business owners even pay corporate headhunters to look for star employees that can be brought on-board right away. Yet, there are some who choose to hone the skills of existing employees to develop homegrown talents. While there is wisdom to both practices, there are no guarantees that either one would be absolutely successful all the time. There are star performers whose brilliance fizzles out soon after they join your company and there are homegrown talents who eventually leave for better opportunities elsewhere. In both these instances, the business owner is left with the same dilemma they started out with.

model employees
Instead of worrying about having one or several employees taking up the cudgels for the rest of your workforce, it is more important that each one of your employee feels that his contribution to the company’s growth is acknowledged. You do not need to hire a star from outside to be you model employee. Nor should you single out one employee that shines above the rest. Sure, you have to recognize and reward your top performers. But, don’t forget to show the rest of your employee force that their efforts are also appreciated. Motivate these employees to do more so that they too can be recognized for top performance and rewarded with incentives.

You can have your team of model employees when you give your employees a clear idea of where you want to go, how you want things to be done, and what their roles are in your journey to success. When you have a team of motivated and inspired employees, they will be willing to make that journey with you no matter what challenges they have to go through. You and your employees should move forward towards a single vision with the same passion and dedication.

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