The Need for a Business Analyst

Every company needs a business analyst for various reasons. This professional takes care of evaluating whether a particular project or process is consistent with the company’s financial goals. This involves making sound projections and forecasts as to the outcome of the project given certain assumptions. It is therefore important for the analyst to have more than just a superficial understanding of the business. The analyst will have to be immersed in the business. He also needs to have a good reading of prospects and other conditions that influence the company’s operations. Using his keen sense of business and knowledge about the industry, he should be able to make recommendations as to whether the company should pursue the project or not.

business analyst

A business analyst is an important part of any business organization. With his expertise, the company will be able to maximize its financial resources only for projects that are likely to bring in the most revenues. Spending money on projects and activities that offer no value could drain the company’s resources, leaving it with very little resources for the activities that contribute to the bottom line. Aside from the financial side of the business analysis, the risks involved in the proposed projects will also be evaluated. The company therefore has a sound basis for deciding on which projects to undertake for better profitability.

Seeing how important a business analyst is to a company’s profitability, it is understandable that companies are willing to pay a little higher in terms of salaries and benefits to hire these professionals. Of course, the pay is proportional to the demands of the job. This career is considered to be highly stressful. But, the exposure and high level analysis it requires also make those who work as business analysts vertically mobile when it comes to career advancement.

For businesses, finding someone with the right skills and knowledge takes a lot of work and careful screening. For aspiring analysts, getting hired and moving up in the career requires developing the right skills and acquiring more than enough knowledge about the various facets of the specific industry to which the company he is interested in joining belongs.

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