The Share Revolution

Marketing practice tended to be seen as a creative industry in the past, indication that it has gone a long way since its evolution. Different strategies evolved to create and exchange products and values with others. Internet marketing or i-marketing is the best strategy since it is bringing media to the global audience. However, while some campaigns work, only few turned out actual business results.

In line with the culmination of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, The Institute of Transformative Marketing Communications will conduct a seminar/workshop on how to tap the power of community, dialogue and partnership called The Share Revolution: The New Marketing Strategies in Building Brand Communities. This is from the insights and key learnings of six speakers representing well-loved brands who have effectively integrated social marketing strategies into their marketing mix. They will impart their knowledge as to how new communication techniques can optimize your promotions with a simple concept called sharing.

One of the topics, Bigger Than Yourself: Energizing Brand Advocates through Social Relevance, will be conducted by GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc., a company of firsts and well loved-brands. They specialize in creating customized public relations and marketing solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients and creating and managing positive public belief for their clients brands and concepts.

The Share Revolution will be held at the Hampton Room, 2/F Astoria Plaza. Registration opens at 8am and session promptly starts at 8:30am. This initiative is through the partnership of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications and the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Board.

You can book your seats through or please contact Avery or Meg at (02) 490-5155 or 489-9248 for reservation and inquiries.

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