The Swan and Its Double

“There’s a double beauty whenever a swan Swims on a lake with her double thereon.”
~Thomas Hood~

My entry for Watery Wednesday.

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  1. Cute shot!

  2. Linda cena! Dois é sempre melhor que um.

  3. I wish I knew a place around me that had swans. Hope you’re having a great WW!

  4. the mute swan is truly beautiful

  5. sweet photo.

  6. Beautiful swans and a lovely shot!

  7. Definitely doubly beautiful.

  8. Beautiful. And your quote couldn’t be more perfect!!

    INCOMING!! -ocean wave action Plus a dolphin

    Do stop by, if you have time, to visit – hope your day is terrific.

  9. What a beautifully composed shot. A lovely, beautiful piece of photography.

  10. Love photography.Your capture is beautiful. Love your water fowl.

  11. Your picture is lovely and the quote is perfect!

  12. jeannette StG says:

    What an elegant pair! And thanks for visiting my blog:)

  13. nice thought that goes with the swan.. dropping by for WW.

  14. Lovely shots of the swans!

  15. Nice shot. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Dharma Shots says:

    Lovely swan shots…

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