The Unknown Plant

I am wondering what climbing plant this is. I am searching online but I cannot find the answer. I mostly see this climbing plant on pergolas. I could hardly see the sky because of these hair-like vines. Or are they aerial roots? Whatever they are, they are good shelter for patios and gardens from wind and sun.

If you happen to know the name of this plant, can you please let me know?

They are just beautiful!

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18 thoughts on “The Unknown Plant

  1. i remember seeing these sa Manila Ocean Park. ang ganda nya no? maganda nga to sa mga gardens, yung parang venue for weddings, etc. thanks for joining and sharing, sis! 🙂

  2. hi there!

    nice photos you have, anyway Ive seen this plant hanging at the balete tree mostly but I dont know what it was..sorry..;) following you

    1. gusto ko sanang makita kaso di ko ma-access yung link. i took this sa manila ocean park noong field trip ng anak ko. wondering kung anong tawag sa plant na ito.

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