The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility

The season of giving is here and everyone is busy shopping for gifts. Even businesses are most likely in the middle of preparing their corporate gift lists for their valued clients, business associates, partners, and employees. Giving, however, does not have to be limited to a particular season. It can be done the whole year round. Businesses have to recognize the value of corporate social responsibility as a way of giving back to the community where they operate. Companies and businesses today are actually expected to be more conscious of the way that their operations impact the people around them and their environment.

social responsibility

Businesses have to recognize the value of
corporate social responsibility as a way of giving
back to the community where they operate.

Customers today are more drawn to companies and businesses that are associated with particular causes. Brands that support non-profit organizations and charities often make it to the top of the list when it comes to the customer’s purchase decision. There are surveys that show that consumers are willing to pay more and exert more effort to purchase products or avail of services from companies with a strong corporate social responsibility program. They feel better when they know that their money is actually being used for something more significant and meaningful than simply boosting the company’s revenues.

Internally, having a corporate social responsibility program also has benefits in the way the employees regard their employer. Socially responsible companies and businesses are more likely to keep their employees for a longer time. The good deeds of the companies also cascade to their employees, boosting employee morale and making the employees proud of the companies they work for.

The size of the company does not matter at all when it comes to being socially responsible. Even smaller companies can choose to support causes or charities. They can even set up their own foundation that will take care of looking for funding sources or organizing fund raising activities for the company’s beneficiaries. Allocating a portion of revenues for purchases of specific items for the charities is one idea that you can consider. Donating goods and services to your chosen charities is also a common way of showing corporate social responsibility. Keep in mind, however, that being socially responsible should be a sincere act of giving back rather than merely a pretentious act meant only to build a reputation. Having a good image as a corporate citizen is achieved with genuine expression of social responsibility.

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  1. I think consumers are more wise now. They prefer to support businesses that are socially responsible and are openly giving back. Not only are they making a good PR with their actions but they also help the community. It will only lead to good karma in my opinion.

  2. I commend companies who value their role to the community, especially when their extend assistance when needed or not.

  3. mhie@smarlk says:

    It is true, Social responsibility is very important in every country and without them it is not balance.

  4. Over here almost all businesses has charities they back to and support.

  5. Channel Imperial says:

    Companies realize that the more they will give back to the community or a certain cause, the more their profits will be and the more fulfilled they will become.

  6. My say, learned much info today. Next time siguro I can post a decent comment. Nangangapa pa.

  7. Giving even a little bit wouldn’t hurt your budget for christmas nor the gifts you gave to others, it’s best to share your blessing to really those unfortunate people who needs them most

  8. very true. i greatly support companies and businesses that are socially responsible (i e, active in doing charities) and environment friendly too.

  9. But I guess not companies are doing their part to also serve the community. More companies are seeing consumer as their profit and they don’t want to share. Although there are companies also willing to do their share, scholarship program etc etc.

  10. i am glad that more and more companies nowadays are becoming socially responsible to people who are in dire need. different forms of sharing and giving does not matter as long as it is for a good cause 🙂

  11. Corporate Social Responsibility can make a change and a very big help in nation-building. In fact foundations of some companies are more active and serious in advocacy that those people in authority 🙂

  12. Truly, it’s a must for every staff and management to have a corporate social responsibility wherein each character will contribute to the success of a team.

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