The Walking Dead Episode 7

peeping hole

Wondering what’s in the picture? It is a pink U-shaped neck pillow we use when we travel. As you can see in the picture, this U-shaped pillow has other purpose other than supporting the neck and giving comfort on road trips. It also serves as my peeping hole or half cover whenever we watch The Walking Dead. I am not a wimp nor afraid of horror movies. I just got this feeling that a walker will suddenly come out of the TV screen (me and my wild imagination).

I don’t like horror movies very much but The Walking Dead is different. It is really getting into my nerves…no, not the walkers and the suspense but the interpersonal drama. This season started out with everybody looking for Sophia, the girl who got lost when walkers chased her. Is she still alive or is she one of the walkers yet? Finally, we got answers on the 10th episode. When Shane breaks the barn locks and releases the walkers, the last walker who comes out through the door was Sophia. She’s pretty much dead and no one has the courage to shoot her except for Rick who shoots her in the head. This Walking Dead episode is heartbreaking and I should say one of the best of the entire series.

Now you know how you can use your pillow aside from giving support and comfort. 🙂

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8 replies on “The Walking Dead Episode 7”

That’s a really nice travel pillow you got there 🙂

As for me, I also never liked watching horror/suspense films and I hate most the films that involves flesh such as hostel, that movie, I can’t even watch with peeping on a travel pillow 🙁

I Haven’t seen The Walking Dead but from your story it seems that the story is somewhat similar to Supernatural which I enjoyed watching so much before…

by the way-you’re too funny for using that pillow for another purpose!=)

visiting for PF!

you are too cute and too funny 🙂 that’s what I do when I am scared too. A cute pink pillow too. Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

sis, saan mo napapanood yung mga advance episodes…kc sa site na watch ko episode 6 or 7 pa lang ata, yung Pretty Much Dead Already episode…putek! mukhang maganda ang episode na yan…I love The Walking Dead LOL!

I’ve read a few parts of the comic book and I love it! Have not had the chance to watch the tv series yet but they say it’s really awesome.. I love zombies and witches and vampires and werewolves so I have no doubt I will like this series.. 😛 I love the gore too, and then it keeps me up at night because I get scared thinking of which creature will grab my foot from under the bed.. LOL 😀

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