The Wonders of Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty can come naturally especially if certain traits are inherited. But misuse, abuse and aging are factors that can affect one’s physical appearance. The love of beauty has led to mankind’s continuous objective of achieving perfection. This is greater for women who are expected to conform to certain physical traits. It is every woman’s dream to have a flawless skin, a well proportioned figure and a perfect beautiful face. This is the reason why many women or even men are seeking the help of science to enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery. Yes, through the wonder of science, we can improve our physical appearance, feel younger and rejuvenated again. We can have our body sculpted, large breasts, flat tummy, fuller bottom, firmer and shapely thighs and legs. To have a perfect face we can reshape our nose, cheeks and chins, reduce the size of our protruding ears, reduce droopy eyelids and eliminate eye bags. This is what makes MYA Cosmetic Surgery better than others, they have full range of surgical procedures. They also have non-surgical procedures like muscle relaxant, derma fillers and microdermabrasion. These procedures are all performed by their experienced and skilled surgeons so it is worth the long distance travel you will take. If I will be given the chance to have a cosmetic surgery procedure, I will go to MYA and I will choose the tummy tuck and have my body shape back when I was sixteen years old.

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  1. hello rossell.. mya is a good cosmetic clinic here in europe. they have many clients and people love mya.

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  2. wow!! ang galing ng sketch nyo ng puno… bakit hindi kayo gumawa ng isang photoblog kung san din nyo ilalagay ang collections ng mga drawing nyo

    malay nyo… baka ma-discover pa kau

  3. Hello Ross. Here in the US a lot of women are into cosmetic surgeries even young teens. They want to be perfect but sometimes they passed the line. They think they look beautiful but actually its too much…Both extreme is dangerous. They did not realize that surgeries did not last a lifetime. You need a second one, third or more and if you cannot continue the treatment, it resulted to regrets and permanent damaged.

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