The Zombies are Coming!

The Zombies are coming! Protect your brains and run for your life!

“Takbo, Talon, Tili” is the local version of Run for Your Lives…a marathon wherein the runners need to escape the clutches of Zombies that are chasing them. The said event was held last Saturday in Sta. Rosa, Laguna that was joined by 5,000 runners. It’s a scary yet exciting experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Before the race, the runners will be given red flags each that they will clip on their waists. These red flags represent the runner’s health. The Zombies will try to take the red flags. If you lost all your red flags, then you’re dead…the Zombies win.

Watching the “Takbo, Talon, Tili” segment in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho exhilarates me. It’s like watching the Walking Dead TV series but this time you’re one of the characters. I can’t wait to experience that…run with my Treksta shoes on and try to reach the finish line while avoiding the bloody brain-hungry Zombies. Sounds really exciting!

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  1. scary yet fun and healthy program. it will test a runner’s stamina to promote better health.

  2. I’ve watched a lot of reports about this event and it seems really really fun! Imagine the adrenaline rush from zombies trying to get your flag aka as your life. =0

  3. great idea for a fun run! next time tell kuya to join. i bet he’ll shed off some pounds there. hahaha!

  4. Joeyboy says:

    My friends were in that running event and it was definitely fun. 🙂 I hope there’ll be a similar event before the year ends. 😉

  5. ahaha, that was full of fun and excitement, i can imagine lol

  6. haha, I saw that one too, nakakatuwa noh, galing nmn ng nagconceptualized nun 🙂

  7. I think that’s an interesting twist to a fun run. hehe. I’d likely run faster than usual.

    I hope more runs will come up with more creative ideas like these zombies idea 🙂

  8. That’s really sound exciting Ross. Hope to see a photo of you being chase by the “Zombies”, lol.

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