Casting Stones – There’s Nothing Like It

The moment we stepped on the shore of Puerto Galera, I remembered my hometown. It is not as stunning as Puerto Galera but in a way, it is like Puerto…the shore, coconut trees, greens everywhere and friendly people. But instead of Pier, we have what we call “Pantalan”.

We used to live in Pansipit, a barrio in San Nicolas. San Nicolas is one of the towns surrounding the famous Taal Lake. Every summer we go swimming on pantalan with our cousins and one of our treasured moments then is casting stones on the lake. We love it so much! Who can throw the stone the farthest or who can get the stone to skim gets a prize. Technique is to find the lightest and the best skiming stone. I can’t count how many stones I threw on that lake. I didn’t win even once but I am happy that I tried and experienced it.

Last weekend, while we were in Puerto Galera, this is what hubby and RJ did on our first morning…tossed stones on the sea.

RJ was so amazed because hubby is very good in getting the stones to skim. I am glad that RJ tried and enjoyed it. It’s one of those childhood memories to treasure. There’s nothing like it!

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2 replies on “Casting Stones – There’s Nothing Like It”

I’ve been to Puerto Galera too twice… in Coco Beach! And we also loved our stay over there. Wish we could arrange another trip to Puerto Galera, maybe this summer. It just scared me so much going there because of the ‘angry’ waves that keep hitting the boat that transferred us to the island. We went there when my son, almost 9 years old now, was just a few months old so you could imagine how scared I was for my baby. Where in Puerto Galera did you go to?
By the way, I’m one of your subscribers 😉

Kaka mis talaga yun ganun…..

Sarap kasi kapag nasa isang lugar ka na feeling mo kayo lang andun….

Nice entry……


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