Things Inside My Bag

I am using different bags depending on the color of my dress, on my mood or where I am going but normally, you can see these basic things inside my bag.

•Gucci replica wallet
•pressed powder
•lipstick (I don’t usually bring along  my kikay kit)
•hand sanitizer
•sanitary napkin (I always have one for emergency)
•tissue (a must for girls)
•a pen
•symbicort turbohaler for my asthma (forgot to include it in the photo shoot)
•checkbook (again, for emergency use)
•hairbrush (forgot to include it too)
•pony tail. I tie my hair once I am inside a public utility vehicle so as not to annoy others with my long flying hair. So to other girls there who are annoying me with their long hair, can you do the same, please?
So there it is. How about you, what’s inside your bag?

P.S. Sorry girls, I have no trivia this week. So many errands to do and no time for research.

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  1. high five sa mga di makaalis ng wlang tissue sa bag!!! hihih 🙂

    By the way, Kaye of Beauty Queen Gene is the new host of GT starting July. Hope you can still play along with us.

    Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Have a great week ahead! =)

  2. great stuffs inside your bag…i like the idea of bringing sanitary napkin..for emergency..great

    posted mine too…it's here

  3. Wow, lot's in your bag. I do carry the hand sanitizer now too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you're having a great day?

  4. ganun din ako sis, depende sa mood, sa damit at sa puntahan..

    ang daming laman at neat yong bad mo sis..

  5. Very handy talaga ang pony tail,para pagdating din sa destination ,hindi ka masabihan ng "mahangin ba sa labas" lol!

  6. I really can relate bout the hair thingy–na experience ko uli yan nung umuwi kami sa probincya lol!Ikaw lang ata ang hikain na mahilig sa perfume,Mommy Rossel(but I love you for that!^_^)

    Thanks for always dropping by,Mommy Rossel^_^ Have a nice day!

  7. i love the ck perfume, too

  8. ??? PRETTYMOM ??? says:

    now i remember kung ano yung kulang na lagi kong dala sa bag ko,.. my fan! hehe

    dami ding laman ng bag mo sis, must haves tlga.

  9. wow ang daming laman ng bag mo sis… at may mouthwash pa ha! hehehe… i also love your CK perfume.

    You can View Mine Here


  10. you're right sis! i always have pony tail. lagi lang naka pony tail, kung di man, very unusual un.. ooh. yung older daughter ko me asthma din, kaya me kit siya lagi with rotahaler.. hope mawala

  11. asthmatic ka rin pala like me, kailangan talaga laging may gamot sa bag.ever ready ang bag mo ,may toilet paper pa.

  12. jganlising says:

    wow ready! may mouthwash sa bag! ahhaha =)) nweis thnks for dropping by…=)

  13. Those are a few but important things 🙂 That's very sensitive of you to tie your hair so it won't annoy other people when you ride a public vehicle. I'm lucky i have short hair and don't have to bother with anything.

    It's my first time to see the Ck One Summer packaging (no joke, I need to get out more :p )

    here's me:

  14. Tissue talaga sis isang rolyo.. love that concept … love your perfume too, kaso di pwede ako eh… have a great time..

    My GT entry is here

  15. wow sis perfume hehe.. big bottle 😀

  16. wow! i love that CK One Summer in blue 🙂 nice!!

    u may view mine here

  17. ferry'zWILL says:

    ay cheers tayo Sis when it comes of using bags for different moods and occasions.. hehehe

    ??Happy Girls Talk??

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