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Things Not to Forget When Viewing a Property


Whether you’re considering buying or renting a new property, there are a few things to keep in mind. Before you buy a house or an apartment, you’ll have to do a walk-through of the premises. What are the things to watch out for and how can you determine whether the place is good enough for you? Follow our tips and advice we’ve pointed out in this article.

Hygiene And Cleanliness

Is the place you’re viewing clean and disinfected? Make a thorough inspection of every room to ensure that it is hygienic and liveable. Sometimes a place may seem free of dirt and soil, but a closer look at it reveals loads of problem areas to deal with. Inspect well the property you’re planning to buy or rent and demand that W6 professional cleaning be done on the premises.

Cell Phone Signal

Today mobile phones are widely used and it’s a bit silly not to check your phone’s signal while viewing a property. If you’re going to live in that place, you’re going to need a good signal, spanning across the entire residence. You wouldn’t want to hang out on your balcony to have your phone conversations.


How noisy is the place on a scale of 1 to 10? Consider buying/renting another property if it is a 5 or higher. Unless you have a really good sleep, no matter what, you wouldn’t be able to stand the noise every single day!

How to check if the place is noisy? Well, sit still for a moment or two and keep quiet. Now listen. Can you hear barking dogs, noisy neighbours, generators and fans or loud vehicles? How noisy are they? Also, can you hear your neighbours? We’re talking about normal everyday activities and not loud talking. From personal experience, we know that if you are able to recognise the movie they are watching right now, then the walls are incredibly thin. And that’s something to take into account.

Condition of Property

Are there any faults? Is everything in good working order. Have a good walk-through of the rooms and check sinks, taps, kitchen appliances, fixtures and fittings. Check for cracks, damage or other problems.

Elevator, Heating, View and Other Stuff

Is there an elevator? Is it fast? Does it work properly? Is it reliable? How about heating? If you rent or buy a property during the summer, you’re likely to forget to check the heating situation. Is there a heating system in the property?

Furthermore, what is the view? If you’re buying the property, you’re going to see the same scenery every day. Do you like it? Is there enough natural light into the property? Are the windows big enough? You need to consider all these things before buying the property. Also, is the air fresh in the house or apartment?

At The End of The Day, Ask Friends to Help You

It’s wise to ask a friend of yours to accompany you when viewing a property. Another person’s judgement – especially a friendly one! – will help you weigh the pros and cons of the given property much more easily. Besides, another set of eyes may be able to notice things you can’t see yourself, such as faulty taps, hot water not running properly, cracks on the walls or others. A friend will always tell you when they spot a problem. Normally. Additionally, if you know people who are familiar with home construction, they may be very helpful when you’re having a walk-through of the property. Different people see different things.

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