Thirst Quenching Natural Spring

natural spring

Wondering what she is doing? She is drinking from the natural spring. An empty plastic bottle is placed to serve as its spout hence it’s easier to drink. Natural spring water is another wonder of nature. The ground water emerges through the surface and travels through cracks and fissures on hillsides yet is safe to drink, very refreshing and sometimes has a little sweet taste. Wondering what gives spring water its flavor? It’s the minerals that dissolved in the water as it moves through the rocks, the reason why it is bottled and sold as mineral water.

This is one of the negative outcomes of a developing country, fresh water become scarce. We need to pay for water that is treated with chlorine or buy costly bottled water to quench our thirst. And if I want to taste a fresh spring water, then I have to travel two hours  for the nearest natural spring.

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2 thoughts on “Thirst Quenching Natural Spring

  1. wow! I never tried drinking on natural spring water 🙂 I am pretty sure the water tastes really good on that spring 🙂

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