Thorough Cleaning and Reforming

I had a general cleaning of our house yesterday. It’s supposed to be before New Year but I was too busy then. Some people believe that giving the house a thorough cleaning before New Year means sweeping away the bad luck that have accumulated over the year. I cleaned the whole house not because I believe to that saying but because I want to start the year right…clean surroundings, healthy meal, happy family and productive me (work wise).

I threw old bills, consolidated notes, thin out our closet and book shelves then gave away some things that we don’t need anymore. I discarded almost everything old except for one thing…our wedding video tape. Yes it’s still in VHS tape that will be 13 years old this October. I asked hubby to have a cd duplication of the video. We should have done it long time ago, don’t you think?

Letting go of stuff this New Year does not only mean throwing away things. It can also mean throwing out bad habits and negative emotions. It’s not a commitment or New Year’s resolution but a way to reform yourself a bit.

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We did the same tokaya, before new year naglinis na kami.. Iba naman ang belief ko, when you start the new year with a clean house eh mas maigi so before magnew year, naglilinis ako hehehe.. Kumusta ka na?

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