Three Ways Philanthropic Foundations Have Helped Bring Chinese Art to the West

Chinese art has been in existence for thousands of years, but it has only been in the last couple of decades that this art has been brought to the west in large exhibits and displays.

Chinese art
Those in Europe and the United States are now able to see first hand the traditions and expressions of the Chinese artists as they have been engaged in for hundreds of years. One reason this has been possible is by philanthropic foundations that have been able to finance the availability of Chinese art, and they have done so in several ways. The following are three of these ways.

The financing of exhibitions

Depending upon the type of art and the value of the art being exhibited, there are usually significant costs associated with displaying this type of art to the public. This is especially true if the art is several hundred years old. There are special display cases that must be used along with various other security precautions. If the exhibition is to be displayed in more than one location, there is the cost of transportation, and for valuable art, this can be expensive. It is philanthropic foundations that are committed to Chinese art that will have the money to help bring this art to the public.

Donations of art collections to Universities

There are private collectors that have Chinese art in their possession. Some of this art is purchased, and then donated to universities, while some of the art is already in the hands of a member of a foundation and is willing to donate part or all of his or her collection. This type of private collection, once transferred to a university, can be studied by students of Chinese art and also enjoyed by visitors and students at the university.

The financing of books on Chinese art

Most Chinese art is defined as visual art, and as such, can be photographed and combined with descriptive text to create art books. The history behind each piece of art and the context of the culture in which the art was created can also be explained. By donating money to produce these books on Chinese art, people everywhere can learn about Chinese art as well as enjoy it. Libraries across the country can purchase these books for their collections, and those without the means to visit an exhibition or purchase an expensive book on art can enjoy Chinese art along with everyone else.

There are many foundations that support the arts, and several of these foundations are focused on Chinese art with their financial support. The Robert Rosenkranz is one example of this type of foundation.

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