Tips For Keeping Your Files Backed Up

It’s important to back up your important files, but to some it may seem like a daunting and uninviting prospect. If you’re unsure about how to go about backing up your files, here are some tips that can make your job a lot easier and ensure that your files are going to be a lot more secure.

Back Up Your Files

The first thing you should look into is the type of file backing up you’re going to be doing. Are you simply going to have an extra copy of the file available on the network somewhere that will be available to everyone within that network or are you trying to find a solution that will both keep your data compact and secure. The first option is simple enough, all you need to do is find a server or data storage hub for all of your data storage needs and then connect it either without wires or wired through the network The benefit of this is that it is relatively easy to set up, and can be accessed easily and from all over your network. The benefit is also the downside though, as data that you’re backing up needs to be as safe as possible, both from hackers and from any prying eyes. Because of this you might want to look into solutions such as LTO magnetic tapes. For more information on these options Check out Dell Kace and click here.

Encrypting Your Information

These tapes encrypt data as it is entered onto the tape, meaning that you can ensure that anyone who even successfully accesses the data won’t be able to decode or decrypt it without a key or years of code cracking. There have been several attempts by established networks and supercomputers across the nation and globe that have attempted to do a head one attack on these encrypted devices. However, they have always come up short as encryption is so complex and intricate, it’s never an easy code to crack. However, decryption doesn’t even need to occur if hackers can access a data leak, meaning that they access the files as they are leaving the encrypted vault, being used by some sort of employee or admin. This means that for your most secure files, you will only want to access them from an equally secure computer. You can set one of these up, apart from your network, inside of your data storage room, that can access the files without any threat of an outside entity accessing the data ‘leak’.

Imaging Software

Dell Kace and its disk imaging software or a good choice to give yourself a good backup software. This software can simply transfer a whole hard drive to an encrypted file server, meaning that you can simply swap the files back and forth without a lot of work or effort. For more information on imaging software check this out.

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